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Planning and Design

Planning and Design

Making an Objection to a Planning Permit Application

Objections to a planning permit application must be lodged with the City of Greater Dandenong during the 14 day advertising period.

Objections must be in writing, and can be submitted by completing the objection to the grant of a planning permit form (Word - 214KB)

It is important to make sure that your objection specifically addresses the proposal and describes how you will be affected. You may also include suggestions for changes that could overcome your concerns.

Once Council has received your objection you will be sent a confirmation letter so you can be sure that your objection has been included. Council must consider all objections when assessing an application.

Council may invite you to a consultative meeting to discuss your concerns directly with the applicant. If you reach a compromise with the applicant and you no longer have any concerns about the application, you can withdraw your objection in writing to Council.  Please note that if you withdraw your objection, you will not be informed of the decision and you will lose your right to apply to VCAT for a review if you are unhappy with Council’s decision.

Once Council has made a decision, you will receive a copy of that decision and if Council decides to grant the permit, it will issue a notice of decision to grant a permit. As an objector, you will receive this notice and will have 28 days to lodge an application for review with the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) if you are not happy with the decision. Visit the VCAT website for more information

If no objectors lodge a review with VCAT during the 28 day period, Council may grant the planning permit.

Petitions and Multiple Signatories

An objection may be in the form of a petition which must state the reasons for objection and how fellow petitioners will be affected by the granting of a permit.  

A document is considered a petition if:

  • the listed reasons of objection and how signatories will be affected is the same for each signatory
  • the document only contains one statement and this statement is provided with a list of names and signatures from multiple persons

A contact person should be nominated to receive all correspondence.  If no person is nominated, Council will send all correspondence to the first name on the petition, who is considered to be the “head petitioner”.

Please note that petitions are counted as one objection regardless of the number of signatories.

If a person wishes to have individual objector status and appeal rights, each objector must submit their own objection.

Privacy Notification

We wish to advise that objections are not confidential and as required by the Planning and Environment Act 1987, Council must make a copy of every objection (including your name and personal information) available to any person to inspect, free of charge, during business hours for a limited period.