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Sustainability and the Environment

Sustainability and the Environment

Sustainability Strategy

Imagine a city where:

  • a diverse culture supports a healthy and thriving community

  • there are sustainable buildings, which are attractive, affordable, and powered by renewable energy

  • there are well-connected places, which make it easy for residents to walk, cycle or catch public transport

  • there are a range of local and sustainable fresh food options for residents, workers and visitors.

  • there are healthy waterways, open spaces and rich biodiversity levels, which are valued, protected and enhanced.

  • there are a range of exciting new education and employment opportunities

  • local businesses recognised as world leaders in innovation, technology and sustainable practices.

This is what we want for the City of Greater Dandenong. Our vision is to be one of the most sustainable cities in Australia by 2030. We are working hard to achieve it and with your help this future can be a reality sooner than you think.

About the Greater Dandenong Sustainability Strategy

The Greater Dandenong Sustainability Strategy 2016-30 provides the strategic framework to achieve Council’s 2030 vision of becoming one of the most sustainable cities in Australia.

Council has the ability to strongly influence this vision, however help from the community, stakeholders and partners is needed. This strategy will provide information on how to help.

The strategy focuses on 10 themes, with goals, objectives and targets identified for each.

Objectives and targets have been listed both for Council and the community, with Council providing support to achieve community objectives.


A Sustainability Report is published annually. This report provides transparency and demonstrates Council’s commitment to becoming one of the most sustainable cities in Australia.

Download Sustainability Strategy 2016-30 (PDF - 2.95KB)

Please contact us if you require this document in an alternative format.