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Planning and Design

Planning and Design

Dandenong South Industrial Area Extension Structure Plan

The Dandenong South Industrial Area Extension Structure Plan has been prepared by the City of Greater Dandenong by extracting the core elements from the Dandenong South Structure Plan Working Paper, (SGS Economics and Planning and City of Greater Dandenong, May 2008). That document is a reference document in the Greater Dandenong Planning Scheme.

The aim of this structure plan is to facilitate the development of the industrial areas in Lyndhurst and Keysborough and to ensure the provision of well-serviced industrial infrastructure capable of accommodating the existing and future industrial and commercial activities.

Development of the land should create an environment that is sensitive and responsive to the surrounding landscape and environmental issues. In this regard the following outcomes are required:

  • High quality urban design and landscaping
  • Environmentally sensitive subdivision and building design based on sustainability principles
  • Facilitation, development and management of effective and sustainable transport networks within the study area and its integration into the regional transportation system

Download the Dandenong South Industrial Area Extension 2009 (PDF - 4.89MB)

Contact us if you require this document in an alternative format.