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Waste and Recycling

Waste and Recycling

Household Garden Waste Collection Service

New processing contract awarded for garden waste

The City of Greater Dandenong has entered into a 15-year regional contract for the processing of garden waste together with eight councils in the south-eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

The contract was awarded to a panel of three contractors – Cleanaway, Veolia and Sacyr and will operate from the Dandenong South Industrial Precinct near Ordish Road.

This is a favourable outcome as it provides a high level of convenience to Greater Dandenong’s collection vehicles and employment opportunities within our City.

Greater Dandenong is committed to diverting waste from landfill and will consider the introduction of food into the garden waste bin in the future. 


City of Greater Dandenong provides a fortnightly household garden waste collection service. This is available to all residential properties within the municipality.

About your garden waste bin and collection

The bin with the green lid is for household garden waste and is collected fortnightly, on the same day each fortnight. It is collected on the opposite week to your recycling.

The day your garden waste is collected depends on where you live. To find out what day your garden waste is collected:


The standard bin is 240 litres (1100mm high by 600mm wide).

You can choose to purchase an additional 240 litres garden waste bin. For more information go to the waste services options and charges page.

Garden waste bin full size

What you can place in your garden waste bin

Please note: All items for the gardening bins must be put in loose. Do not place in plastic bags.

Yes Grass clippings and weeds,10cm 30cm small branches, Flowers, Leaves, Garden prunings

What you can not place in your garden waste bin

What you can't put in your garden bin

Putting out your bins

Bins should be put out the night before collection day. They should be placed out on the nature strip:

  • parallel to the kerb with the lid opening onto the road
  • away from overhead trees
  • away from power poles or street signs
  • away from parked cars
  • spaced at least 300mm away from other bins
Garbage bin correct placement

Missed garden waste collection

There are a number of reasons why a bin may not have been emptied:

  1. Bin not placed out in time for collection
  2. Bin was placed out on the wrong night or wrong week
  3. Bin was contaminated
  4. Bin was too heavy or contained inappropriate materials
  5. Bin was not easily accessible
  6. Bin was not placed on street correctly

If a bin is not emptied because of points 3 to 6, a sticker will be placed on the bin so the resident knows.

Are you a new resident?

If you are a property owner moving into the City of Greater Dandenong, please ensure you complete a Application for Household Bins form (PDF - 186KB).

Please note that only a property owner or agent can select bins for a residence. If you are a tenant, contact your landlord or real estate agent.

Additional information on garden waste collection

Waste fact sheets (PDF - 469KB)

Waste information sheet (PDF - 430KB)

Compost and worm farming

What happens to my garden waste?