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Ian Tatterson Park and Leisure Centre

About Tatterson Park

Tatterson Park is a 48 hectare park located on Cheltenham Road in Keysborough, and includes Springers Leisure Centre. The park has a 20 hectare woodland in the centre, three sportsgrounds, a regional playground, and extensive wetlands and walking tracks.

Tatterson Park’s regional playground, a World of Insects features ladybugs, ants, beehives and a giant magnifying glass. The design for the playground was chosen by the community for the community. The themed playground has a strong environmental focus which will build on the natural feel of Tatterson Park.

Children must always be supervised, especially when near the wetlands.

Things to do

  • Enjoy picnic facilities
  • Play on the insect themed playground
  • Go for a stroll or a bike ride through the woodland and wetlands
  • Have a game of bocce in one of the gravelled areas
  • In the evenings, listen to the frogs around the wetlands


  • Picnic area
  • BBQs
  • Shelters
  • Playground
  • Bike Paths
  • Walking trails
  • Sports grounds
  • Soccer pitch
  • Basketball court (opening soon)
  • Springers Leisure Centre
  • Toilets


Cheltenham Road, Keysborough South (behind Springers Leisure Centre enter via Lake Edge Drive or Keysborough Road) (Melway 89 A11)

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Tatterson Park Master Plan

The Tatterson Park Master Plan was completed in 2006. The key vision of the master plan is that Tatterson Park shall be a regional, multi-purpose park, that provides for a broad range of passive and active recreational pursuits, that is well utilised, that meets the needs of the diverse community within the City of Greater Dandenong and that is recognised by the community as one of the best parks in Melbourne to visit.

Key components of the master plan include the three multi purpose sports ovals, Springers Leisure Centre, conservation area - redgum woodland and grassland with pedestrians paths, district playground and the ephemeral wetlands and path network.