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Parking, Roads and Transport

Parking, Roads and Transport

Local Area Traffic Management

Council takes road safety very seriously and works closely with peak bodies like the TAC, VicRoads and the RACV to ensure safe travel for all road users.

The installation of Local Area Traffic Management (LATM) measures which include treatments such as; roundabouts, angled slow points, traffic islands, raised safety platforms and speed cushions are often installed to address road safety issues like speeding or poor visibility.

To ensure the available budgets are allocated effectively, we prioritise the installation of any traffic calming treatments based on the level of risk to road users. This level of risk is calculated taking into account the following factors:

  • Traffic volume
  • Traffic speeds
  • The percentage of heavy vehicles using the street
  • Activity generators in the area such as schools, playgrounds and shops
  • The causality crash history at the site over the past five years
  • The intended function of the road (i.e. whether the road is a local street, or a street between local streets and arterial roads)

Council has several new projects planned for delivery in the near future and we are currently seeking feedback from residents in these areas.

For any feedback on the current projects below, please email Council at

Current Projects

Click on the links below to read more information about the current projects:


Council's Prioritisation Program

The locations in the municipality which currently rank highly within Council's Local Area Traffic Management Prioritisation Program are:

  • Current project - Keysborough South, Eastern Package (Perry Road, Westwood Boulevard, Church Road) 

  • Current project - Heyington Crescent, Noble Park North 

  • Keysborough South, Western Package (Lakeview Boulevard, Princeton Drive)

  • Noble Park Area South of Activity Centre

  • Woolahra Ave / Kirribilli Ave / Kingsclere Ave, Keysborough

  • Gray Street, Springvale

  • Sunnyvale Crescent, Keysborough

  • Bryants Road, Dandenong

  • Railway Parade, Noble Park (around Yarraman Station)

  • Templewood Avenue, Noble Park North

Please note that Council’s traffic data for these streets is reviewed regularly and this list is subject to change.