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Parking, Roads and Transport

Parking, Roads and Transport


Council is responsible for the installation and maintenance of the following road assets on Council maintained roads:

  • grading
  • line marking
  • speed humps
  • roundabouts
  • bridges
  • kerbs and channels. 

VicRoads maintains all main roads, highways and freeways.

Road obstructions  and spills

  • Council roads: report to Council on 9239 5100
  • Declared main roads, highways or freeways: report to VicRoads' Incident Response Service on 13 11 70

Please also contact Victoria Police if the obstruction or spill is affecting the safe movement of vehicles and requires police to direct traffic.  

Street sweeping

Council sweeps the streets within the municipality on the following schedule: 

  • Central business districts - daily 
  • Other shopping centres - two to five times a week
  • All other - monthly 

Contact Council if you want to know when your street is next due to be swept. Or visit Locate and search for your property. You can find your next street sweeping date under the 'Property' tab on the left hand panel.