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Living Treasures

Living Treasures was a local project where people who have made a lasting impact on the quality and nature of life for all of the City of Greater Dandenong community were named and honoured.

The project was initiated as part of the city's celebrations for Australian Federation in 2001. In the lead up to federation, the City of Greater Dandenong honoured one of its residents as a Living Treasure each month from September 1998 until September 2000. In 2005, the Living Treasures project called for nominations again, and a further nine people were honoured.

Some of the Living Treasures were quiet achievers, whom without, great things would never come to pass. Others devoted themselves to the community and influenced the history, local economy, social, sporting and cultural life in Greater Dandenong. Sadly a number of Living Treasures have passed on, but many are still making a positive difference to our local community.

1998 - 2000 Living Treasures:

Albert Blashki (deceased) (PDF - 58.1KB)

An Nguyen (PDF - 43.9KB)

Ann Halpin (deceased) (PDF - 47.6KB)

Bill Toon (deceased) (PDF - 78.6KB)

Bruce Patchell (deceased) (PDF - 80.7KB)

Ella Athorn (deceased) (PDF - 74.4KB)

Eric Wilson (deceased) ( (PDF - 79.8KB)

Francisca Ho (deceased) (PDF - 81.1KB)

Graham Thomas (deceased) (PDF - 78.6KB)

Gwen Jarvis (deceased) (PDF - 78.3KB)

Heather Duggan (PDF - 79.2KB)

Jim Hardy (Deceased) (PDF - 50.5KB)

Marg Stork (deceased) (PDF - 73KB)

Maria Erdeg (PDF - 61.1KB)

Mary Borg (PDF - 64.6KB)

Maurie Jarvis (deceased) (PDF - 87.5KB)

Max Oldmeadow (deceased) (PDF - 59.6KB)

Merle Mitchell (PDF - 44KB)

Pat Dow (deceased) (PDF - 79.8KB)

Phyl Yates (deceased) (PDF - 51.2KB)

Stuart Marriner (deceased) (PDF - 46.4KB)

Tom Houlahan (deceased) (PDF - 66.8KB)

Valmont David Wilson (deceased) (PDF - 78.7KB)

Wal Turner  (deceased) (PDF - 73.5KB)

2005 Living Treasures

Ivan (Bill) Warner (PDF - 24KB)

John Beus (deceased) (PDF - 21.9KB)

Lorenzo Modica (deceased) (PDF - 22.3KB)

Marjorie Smith (PDF - 25.4KB)

N.R Wickiramasingham (PDF - 24.2KB)

Patricia Blashki (deceased) (PDF - 25KB)

Peter Jabbour (PDF - 23.3KB)

Dr Thel Thong (PDF - 24.5KB)

Wesley Glen Eggleston (deceased) (PDF - 46.4KB)