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Parking, Roads and Transport

Parking, Roads and Transport

Heavy and Large Vehicle Parking

The City of Greater Dandenong does not generally support the storage or parking of large or heavy vehicles in residential areas. This is because of the potential risks associated with these vehicles moving through smaller residential streets.

However Council does recognise that in some cases, providing that adequate standards are established and enforced, residents may be issued with a permit to park such a vehicle on their property.

You need a permit to keep and park any heavy or large vehicle on a residential property. A heavy or large vehicle is one which is articulated, can seat more than 12 people, weighs 4.5 tonnes or more or is longer 7.5 metres or longer. The permit is valid for 12 months.

Applying for a local law permit

Applicants need to complete an application for heavy vehicle parking permit form (Word - 284KB) form.

Fees apply and must be paid at time of application. See Local Law Fees for current permit costs.

In considering whether or not to issue a permit, Council will take into account the following matters:

  1. The likely impact on the residential amenity of the neighbourhood as a result of:
    - the intrusion of heavy vehicle traffic
    - excessive noise from heavy vehicles
    - pedestrian and motorist safety
    - the likely damage to be caused to Council assets and street trees
    - fumes or related smells resulting from the parking of heavy vehicles
    - the parking of the vehicle forward of the building line
  2. The traffic function, traffic volume and width of other roads in the vicinity
  3. Whether the unobstructed sight distance when exiting forward from the property is capable of being a minimum of eighty (80) metres
  4. Whether the maneuvering requirements of the vehicle and the roadway width will enable the vehicle to be turned within a maximum crossing width of four (4) metres
  5. Any load limit restriction in force on the relevant road
  6. Whether the property is of sufficient size and layout to enable the vehicle to be properly garaged
  7. If the owner/driver of the vehicle lives at the address where the vehicle is to be kept
  8. Any valid objections raised by neighbours (neighbours will be invited to comment on applications).
  9. Any other matter relevant to the circumstances of the application

Permit conditions

  • It must be parked on an established driveway or in a rear yard of the property and can not be parked in the front setback of a property.

  • It must not be driven in reverse from the property onto the road.

  • It must not be carrying a load when brought onto the property.

  • It must not be started, driven or have its engine running on the property before 6am or after 7pm on any day.

  • It must not be repaired, washed or maintained on the property or on any adjacent road.

  • It must not be parked on any adjacent road (or any other road) for more than one hour.

  • If parked on a road during the hours of darkness, its parking lights must be illuminated.

  • Nuisance to neighbours from noise or smell must be avoided.

  • The property must be kept in a clean and tidy condition. There are to be no oil drums, large vehicle parts or other large associated articles on the property.

  • The requirements of the Planning Scheme or any Planning Permit for the site must be complied with.

Other specific conditions may also apply.