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Abandoned Vehicles

If a vehicle is on Council land and streets, and is suspected to have been abandoned, Council officers may place a notice (sticker) on the vehicle asking for the vehicle to be removed within an allocated time.

The time period allowed to remove the vehicle depends on the circumstances, such as:

  • where the vehicle is parked
  • whether the vehicle is causing a hazard
  • whether the vehicle is displaying current registration (may be up to two months if the vehicle is registered).

If the vehicle has not been removed before the time stated on the notice, the vehicle may be impounded by Council officers.

Depending on the circumstances, Council can remove or impound abandoned vehicles or unregistered vehicles from Council property without placing a notice on the vehicle.

Once a vehicle is impounded, the registered owner is notified by mail and allowed 28 days to reclaim the vehicle. A release fee applies when reclaiming a vehicle.  Proof of ownership, or proof that you are acting on the registered owner’s behalf, is required.

If the vehicle is not claimed within the 28 days, Council is authorised to dispose of it by selling it, giving it away or scrapping it. If Council disposes of a vehicle in this way, the owner generally has no right of claim against Council – see Schedule 11 of the Local Government Act 1989

Donate your unwanted vehicle

If you would like to dispose of your vehicle before it is impounded you could get a tax deduction by donating it to a charity that accepts vehicle donations.

Kids Under Cover, a not-for-profit organisation that works to prevent youth homelessness, will collect your vehicle for free and sell it at auction.

Visit Donate Your Car or telephone 1800 801 633.