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Parking Infringements

Most parking restrictions and fines within the City of Greater Dandenong are defined by the State Government under the Road Safety Act 1986.

When a driver parks in a way that contravenes the parking regulations, an infringement notice may be issued.  Parking infringement notices are a way of providing motorists an opportunity to deal with a reported parking offence without the time and expense of going to court.  Most infringement notices require the penalty to be paid within 28 days.

There are two options available if you receive a parking infringement notice:

  1. Pay the penalty by the due date as shown on the front of the notice or
  2. Dispute the notice by requesting an internal review


Online infringement notice details

Greater Dandenong's website allows the driver to view details of their parking infringement notice online. These details may include a photo, if one was taken. Click here to view your infringement details online.

1. Pay your parking infringement

Make sure you pay the penalty by the due date as shown on the front of the notice by:

  1. Mail: City of Greater Dandenong, P.O. Box 200, DANDENONG, VIC, 3175

  2. In person: at a Council Customer Service Centre

  3. Pay online

  4. Telephone: Contact Council on 8571 1000 if you prefer to pay by credit card.

Payment plans

Payment plans are available to people who meet the State Government's eligibility criteria. Under a payment plan, Council allows an extension of time for the payment of the amount owing from an infringement notice.

A person will be automatically entitled to a payment plan if they are in receipt of any one of the following:

  • Commonwealth Government (Centrelink) Pensioner Concession Card
  • Department of Veterans’ Affairs Pensioner Concession Card or Gold Card
  • Centrelink Health Care Card (all types including non-means tested)

2. Request for Internal Review Form of Infringement Notices

Sometimes circumstances arise that reduce a driver's capacity to park appropriately (such as vehicle breakdown, emergencies or special circumstances). There also may be a situation where the issuing of a parking fine is unfair (such as when a ticket machine malfunctions or signs are missing).

We will consider your application if your reason for review is one of the following.

  1. The infringement notice was issued 'contrary to law' (you believe you did not commit an offence).
  2. ‘Exceptional circumstances’ (verifiable and unforeseen circumstances outside of your control) could excuse the conduct for which the infringement notice was issued (for example, a medical emergency). 
  3. The infringement notice was issued to the incorrect person or vehicle. For example, you were not in the location or the incorrect registration was recorded.
  4. You have ‘special circumstances’ (for example, a mental or intellectual disability).

For further information and explanations of these reasons for review please refer to the Infringement Appeal Form below.

You can request an internal review of an infringement notice. This must be in writing and must be lodged prior to the due date of the infringement notice. You can do this by completing an Infringement Appeal Form (Word - 288KB) and returning it to Council.

Please provide evidence to support your request where possible. Examples of this may include a medical certificate, mechanical repair receipts, or proof of having purchased a parking ticket.

The law allows you only one review per notice so please provide all information with your application.

A decision will be made within 15 working days and you will be notified of the outcome in writing.

If the infringement penalty is not paid within the allocated time, the infringement is referred to Fines Victoria (formerly called the Infringements Court).

View Driver Nomination Form (PDF - 219KB)