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Dog Off-leash Parks

Exercising your dog during COVID-19 restrictions

Physical activity is important for both humans and animals. Councils are urging dog owners to be more diligent in maintaining the health and safety of not only themselves but also their pets.

Essential Health and Safety precautions:

  • Wash your hands for 20-30 seconds before and after each walk.
  • Surfaces such as park benches, tables, taps, bins, fences and gates should also be avoided. If you need to touch a surface, ensure that you are wearing disposable gloves or carrying hand sanitizer to disinfect the surface and your hands.
  • Observe the two-person limit and social distancing when walking a dog.

The government restrictions during COVID-19 outline that cars are only to be used for essential travel, which means owners who prefer to drive to enclosed dog parks, will need to change their routines to exercise their dogs in walking distance from their homes.

Many dogs love visiting 'off-leash' parks because it gives them the chance to socialise with other dogs. However, during this time, it is advised that you maintain social distance restrictions until the situation is under control.

The City of Greater Dandenong recognises the clear health and social benefits in owning a pet and encourages responsible dog ownership.

One of the key components to maintaining a healthy and socially acceptable dog is good regular exercise. To assist residents in this important task, we have a number of areas within the municipality where dogs can be exercised off-leash. 


Parks/reserves with off-leash areas

Fotheringham Reserve
Dalimore Court, Dandenong

Spring Valley Reserve
Clarke Road, Springvale

Greaves Reserve
18 Bennet Street, Dandenong

Springvale Reserve
Newcomen Road, Springvale

Robert Booth Reserve
117 Clow Street, Dandenong

Warner Reserve
Flynn and Short Streets, Springvale

Tirhatuan Park
Outlook Drive, Dandenong North

Fabian Reserve
Fabian Court, Keysborough

Lois Twohig Reserve
McFees Road, Dandenong North

Frederick Wachter Reserve
Bloomfield Road, Keysborough

Barry J. Powell Reserve
Halton Road, Noble Park North

Tatterson Park
62 Chapel Road, Keysborough

Birkley Reserve
4 Birkley Court, Noble Park North 

Roth Hetherington Botanic Gardens
Kingsclere Avenue, Keysborough

Ross Reserve
45 Memorial Drive, Noble Park


View all dog off-leash parks on a map

Off-leash park rules

  • Dogs must only be off-leash in areas designated by Council

  • Dogs can be exercised off-leash only within these designated areas and must be put back on leash when they leave the sign-posted area

  • Dogs must be no more than 50 metres from the person walking them and under effective control by voice command or hand signal at all times

  • Dogs must remain on-leash in all areas if any club or school sport is being played in the park or reserve

  • Dogs off-leash must not be within 20 metres of a playground at any time

  • Dogs must be wearing a current registration tag at all times when they are outside their owner's property

  • Dogs must not be allowed within 20 metres of a designated cycling path or track, unless they are separated from the track by a fence at least 1.2 metres in height

  • Dogs must not be allowed to chase people or other animals

  • Any droppings left by a dog must be cleaned up and disposed of properly
In areas where dogs can be walked off-leash you will see a green sign with an image of a person with a dog not on a lead in frnt of them. In areas where dogs can't be walked off-leash you will see a red sign with an image of a person walking a dog on a lead.

Council officers randomly patrol parks and reserves to ensure compliance with these rules. On the spot penalties of up to $250 apply for failure to comply with these requirements .

Much more serious penalties can apply to owners of dogs that rush at, menace or attack people or other animals.

Our Dog Off-Leash Strategy

Below is the municipality's dog off-leash strategy which outlines the method and process Council follows to create and maintain dog off-leash areas.

For more information download the Greater Dandenong Dog off-Leash Strategy (PDF - 2.2MB)