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Planning and Design

Planning and Design

Plan Melbourne 2017-2050

Plan Melbourne 2017-2050 is the Victorian Government’s metropolitan planning strategy that will guide the city’s growth to 2050. It is a strategy to house, employ, and move more people around the metropolitan area and beyond. It also aims to build the confidence, investment, and employment that is vital for Victoria’s long-term future.

Plan Melbourne is designed to provide:

  • a more integrated approach to planning and development which includes, land use, transport, plus social and community infrastructure
  • a strong emphasis on collaboration between state and local governments, the private sector and the community to achieve a shared set of outcomes for the city and surrounding regions
  • an approach which puts job creation and security at the forefront of planning decisions
  • an approach which increases certainty by protecting existing suburbs and delivering intensified development in defined areas.

A separate Five-Year Implementation Plan lists the actions required to implement the metropolitan planning strategy by embedding actions across state government departments, authorities and local government. The Implementation Plan will be reviewed every five years in addition to annual monitoring and reporting.

Greater Dandenong and the region feature prominently in the plan, particularly in the areas of the economy and jobs, with Central Dandenong recognised as a Metropolitan Activity Centre, and Dandenong South identified as a National Employment and Innovation Cluster.

Visit the Plan Melbourne website to find out more and download the Plan Melbourne documents.