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Community Safety Plan 2015-22

What is a Community Safety Plan?

A Community Safety Plan provides the foundation for a safe and thriving community. The plan guides the actions undertaken by Council, community agencies and the community to improve community perceptions of safety and reduce the risk of crime and anti-social behaviour.

Community Safety Plan 2015-22

The Community Safety Plan is based on feedback that Council received from the community, community agencies, groups and other relevant stakeholders.

The Community Safety Plan 2015-22 was adopted by Council at its meeting on 24 August 2015.

Download Community Safety Plan 2015-22 (PDF - 1.58MB)
Download the Community Safety Plan Summary (PDF - 107KB)

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What does the Community Safety Plan 2015-22 include?

The City of Greater Dandenong's vision for community safety is a diverse, safe and welcoming community, where all people feel included and respected.

The plan will work toward its vision by:

  • encouraging respect and creating a welcoming environment
  • addressing the causes of family violence and supporting those experiencing violence
  • enhancing safety, amenity and liveability in public places
  • increasing safety for all road users and those who travel within and out of the municipality
  • minimising the harmful impacts of alcohol and other drugs
  • encouraging online safety.

What are the priorities of the plan?

Community Safety Plan priority areas

Key areas

1. Supporting diversity and promoting harmony 

  • Promote harmony and diversity
  • Address race based discrimination and support social cohesion

2. Preventing family violence 

  • Promote gender equity and respectful relationships
  • Prevention of family violence
  • Raise awareness about family violence

3. Creating safer public places 

  • Well designed and maintained built and natural environments
  • Respond to safety concerns and hotspots
  • Promote strengths and assets of Greater Dandenong 

4. Safety for road users, pedestrians and commuters 

  • Development and endorsement of Council’s Road Safety Strategy
  • Improve safety at public transport locations
  • Education programs to promote vehicle safety

5. Addressing alcohol and other drug harms 

  • Respond to impacts of alcohol and other drug harms
  • Collaborate with local and statewide stakeholders
  • Design public spaces to reduce impacts of alcohol and other drug use

6. Emerging technology and safety

  • Education and personal support programs to improve on-line safety
  • Use of on-line communications to improve safety during emergencies