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Arts in Greater Dandenong

Arts in Greater Dandenong

Permanent Public Art

Greater Dandenong's public art collection features permanent installations from artists who engage with and reinterpret their environment in new and challenging ways.

As a leader in public art practice, the collection celebrates local identity, character and cultural diversity.


Public Art Projects


Art and Environment Project

Tucked away in a small shopping strip in Springvale South, shoppers can enjoy a unique environment created with recycled materials which emphases environmentally friendly practices.


Buckingham Avenue Gateway

Bookending the northern tip of Buckingham Avenue are two large scale contemporary Asian influenced gateways announcing your entrance to the heart of sensational Springvale.


Chaise Lounge

With a prop like appearance, the bright red whimsical Chaise Lounge at the rear of the Drum Theatre was created by Big Fish Ptd Ltd to be a talking point as well as being utilised by visitors, shoppers and performers.


Commemorative Park Mosaic Mural

The Commemorative Park Mosaic mural and gardens were developed by young people who joined in a Landcare Environmental Action Program (LEAP).


Dandenong South Gateway

The design was inspired by photographs collected from the Dandenong South Primary School students encapsulate common themes of faith, family, cultural traditions and ceremony.


Depot - Moved by Grendas

Depot was an installation of contemporary artworks created by seven artists at the decommissioned Grenda’s bus depot. Depot was open for one week in April prior to the site being demolished and  provided an opportunity for the community to stop, look, listen and experience the spaces that have housed an iconic Dandenong business for more than 50 years.


Freedom Cycle Sculptures

A blue metal cyclist seems to have escaped the bustling traffic of the nearby main roads and is enjoying the freedom of the bike path in serene Falkiner Reserve.


Garnar Lane Display Boxes

Located at the Dandenong Civic Centre, seven purpose-built gallery light boxes offer artists an opportunity to produce contemporary interdisciplinary projects including 2D and 3D installations that contribute to a visitor's arts and cultural experience of central Dandenong.  


Going Potty! Sculptures

Shoppers stop in their tracks at the sight of these quirky life-size figures with bathroom accessories for heads that adorn Council's public toilet block and hall in Palm Plaza. 



In-Transit recognises Dandenong as a distribution hub. The bronze artwork comprises a collection of abstracted and oversized links of gold chain that have been staked on a packing pallet. While the chain links reference Martin George’s previous work called Gold Bling, which is also located in Halpin Way, the pallet is a new element.


River Flow Mural

River Flow provides a bright colourful transformation of the Noble Park Station pedestrian underpass created by internationally recognised public artist and designer Anu Patel.



Reverie takes inspiration from the local area and communicates the connection between nature, industry and communities in this structural piece.


Speed Cheek - Oakwood Park

Using sophisticated motorway technology Speed Cheek are two speed checking devices placed beside the shared user path that runs through the heart of Oakwood Park measuring the speeds of bike riders and pedestrians. 


Springvale Pedestrian Underpass

The bright colours, dramatic shapes and locally inspired digital imagery improve the appearance of the underpass and reflects a colourful and alive part of Springvale as pedestrians walk through.


Table of Knowledge

The Table of Knowledge is a reflection of ideas and concepts offered through discussions and the sharing of knowledge and information.


The Books

The giant concrete books were created to improve the streetscape of the Springvale Shopping Centre precinct and also act as seats and a resting area for parents waiting to pick up their children from school and weary shoppers. 


The Dandenong Book of Prayer

The book brings together the everyday thoughts of a community which is living in an environment undergoing significant change. It presents these thoughts with photos of familiar and less known buildings and spaces and presents a snapshot in time.


The Offering

The Offering was a temporary art installation created by Robbie Rowlands in a single story weatherboard church and community hall which was officially opened in August 1904. The artwork was produced using only the materials contained within the church's walls to create a visually powerful site specific installation. 


Totem Poles

The six towering poles represent the expression of the diverse backgrounds, ages and nationalities that make up the community, as well as peace, good luck, hope, music and dance. 


Urban Artscape at Brady Road

The footpath design was constructed using two distinctly different coloured materials - bitumen and coloured cement symbolising windows and bringing to life the idea of a suburban skyline.



Viachroma injects a much needed burst of impulsive energy and bright luminous colour into the glass overpass at Dandenong Station.


Vessels of Light

Mounted high above reach so as to draw people’s attention upwards, each vessel incorporates a dynamic lighting element that allows the vessels to be animated after dark, creating a unique night time experience and contributes to a 24 hour experience of the city.


Water kite

The work represents activities shared in Tirhatuan Park including family, fishing in the creek, playing ball, riding bikes and flying kites.


Water Pool - Mons Parade Underpass

The central element of the design is a pathway, which symbolizes lines of communication, movement and transition. The pathway transforms into a river representing underground streams and pools of water.

Wominjeka Artwork in Harmony Square

This artwork by local artist Ian Harrison symbolises its recognition of traditional custodianship of the land where the city sits. Wominjeka means ‘Welcome’ in local language.