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Parking, Roads and Transport

Parking, Roads and Transport

Road and Water Strategies

City of Greater Dandenong Road Management Plan

The purpose of the Road Management Plan is to establish procedures and systems for the management of public roads.

The plan sets out the policies, objectives and relevant standards in relation to the discharge of the City of Greater Dandenong’s road management duties.

Road Safety Strategy Community Survey

Greater Dandenong Council is updating its Road Safety Strategy. The Strategy will contain actions that aim to reduce the number of people killed and injured on roads within our municipality.

We are interested in your thoughts on road safety within the City of Greater Dandenong and would appreciate if you took the time to complete our Road Safety Strategy community survey.

Melbourne Water Future Strategy

Melbourne’s Water Future is the Victorian Government metropolitan strategy that will guide the city’s water cycle management for the next 40 years. It is a strategy that aims to reduce the demand on our drinking water supplies, by promoting a more integrated water management approach.

Council can have a singificant impact on water use, through its own operations and by encouraging the community to be more water wise and initiatives taken by Council in recent years already align with the objectives of Melbourne’s Water Future.

Review of Victorian Water Laws

The Victorian Government is carrying out a comprehensive review of Victoria's water laws to deliver a streamlined and effective legislative framework for water management and use in Victoria.

Key changes in the Water Bill Exposure Draft that impact on Council include recognition of Council as a drainage authority and the right of Council to extract and re-distribute stormwater from its assets.

Victorian Freight and Logistics Plan

Victoria – The Freight State is the Victorian Government's vision for maintaining and increasing Victoria’s competitive edge as Australia’s freight and logistics capital.

The plan addresses the anticipated growth in freight movements across Melbourne and Victoria and has an impact on the City of Greater Dandenong.