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Greater Dandenong Business

Social Enterprises Program

What are social enterprises?

Social enterprises are revenue generating businesses that use most of their profits to create social impact. They improve opportunities and access for disadvantaged groups within the community, apply and foster a culture of social responsibility and inclusion, and develop dynamic enterprises.

Social entrepreneurship plays an important role in building a sustainable and prosperous local economy.

Touna and Abuk at TWICH Women's Sewing Collective
The TWICH Women's Sewing Collective, Directors Touna and Abuk

Social Enterprises Resources


What is Council doing to support social enterprises?

Council provides opportunities for social enterprises to maintain and increase the capability of social enterprises in Greater Dandenong through networking, learning from peers and high quality tailored workshops. 

Greater Dandenong social enterprises participated in a number of programs and events. Below are examples of past programs supported by Council.

School for Social Enterprises (SSE)

In 2014, the School for Social Enterprises (SSE) delivered their best practice social enterprises Accelerator program to two local social enterprises.  Greater Dandenong Council partly funded the program for Springvale Community Aid and Advise Bureau (SCAAB) and The Twich Community Association Women's Group.

Pilot Social Enterprises Mentoring Program

The City of Greater Dandenong Pilot Social Enterprises Mentoring Program was launched in 2013. It was jointly funded by Greater Dandenong Council and the then Department of Immigration and Citizenship.

The program engaged six local social enterprises over a period of 10 months and involved four group workshops and 10 one-on-one business mentoring sessions.

Read about the businesses involved in this program:

Voluteer and jewellery maker from the December Pop-up shop 2014
Springvale Community Aid and Advice Bureau, Lobsaup Khedep,
Pop-up Shop Vendor

How to join

To learn more about the program including training, mentoring, networking and other opportunities contact Greater Dandenong Business on 8571 1550 or email

The City of Greater Dandenong Annual Business Grant Program is equally available to Social Enterprises. For more information click here.

Read Social Enterprises Mapping Project Study (PDF - 316KB).


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