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Greater Dandenong Business

Greater Dandenong Business

Social Enterprises Program

What are social enterprises?

Social enterprises are revenue generating businesses that use most of their profits to create social impact. They improve opportunities and access for disadvantaged groups within the community, apply and foster a culture of social responsibility and inclusion, and develop dynamic enterprises.

Social entrepreneurship plays an important role in building a sustainable and prosperous local economy.

Touna and Abuk at TWICH Women's Sewing Collective
The TWICH Women's Sewing Collective, Directors Touna and Abuk

Council Community Grants Program

The City of Greater Dandenong provides financial assistance in the form of grants and donations to community groups and individuals for activities that will benefit local residents.

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What is Council doing to support social enterprises?

Council recognises the ever-growing importance and contribution of this sector, and is increasingly focused on engaging with social enterprises to tell their stories, provide networking, training, mentoring, case studies, and other opportunities and resources.

Council is also playing a role in educating local businesses and the broader general public about the value of social enterprises and their role in tackling complex social issues, with a view to increasing social procurement opportunities and local consumer buying behaviour.

How to join

If you want to become connected with Council's social enterprise activities, please email


Social Enterprises Resources