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Planning and Design

The VicSmart Planning Application Process

VicSmart is a streamlined assessment process for low-impact, straightforward planning permit applications. Classes of application are identified in the planning scheme as being VicSmart and have specified requirements for information, assessment processes and decision guidelines.

Key features of VicSmart:

  • 10 day permit decision process
  • applications are not advertised
  • the information required to be submitted with an application and what council can consider is pre-set


Does your application qualify for VicSmart?

To qualify for the VicSmart permit process your proposal must be listed as a type of application, meet the criteria, and be located in the specified zone or overlay. 

A proposal may fall into more than one class of VicSmart application. Where a proposal falls into more than one class of VicSmart application, the requirements of each class need to be met.

There are three prerequisites for an application to be eligible as a VicSmart application:

  1. All the requirements for a permit must be listed as a VicSmart application
  2. A permit issued must not breach a registered restrictive covenant
  3. Referral authority approval must be obtained before lodging the application

Visit the VicSmart website for information guides to assist you to determine if your application qualifies to be assessed as VicSmart.

The VicSmart Application Process

The VicSmart process involves four simple steps:

Step 1 - Prepare Step 2 - Submit Step 3 - Assess Step 4 - Decide
  • Check the Planning Scheme
  • Discuss your proposal with a Council planning officer
  • Obtain checklists and information guides 
  • Submit the application with all the required information


  • Application is assessed against pre-set criteria


  • Application is approved or refused within 10 business days


Step 1 – Prepare

Visit the VicSmart website to download a copy of the Applicant's Guide to lodging a VicSmart Application and the relevant VicSmart checklists that must be completed and submitted with your VicSmart application. 

Discuss your proposal with a Council planning officer. Confirm that your proposal qualifies for VicSmart and learn what information needs to be submitted with the application.

Click here for information on how to access Council's Planning Pre-Application Discussion Service - fees apply.

Step 2 - Submit

A planning officer will check the submitted information against the requirements listed in the planning scheme.

To enable a decision to be made in 10 business days, you must submit all required information when lodging the application:

  • A completed Application for a Planning Permit form
  • Payment of the prescribed application fee - see the Planning fees and charges section.  If you wish to pay by credit card, please submit your application and you will be sent an invoice which can be paid on Council's online payment portal
  • A full and current Certificate of Title (dated within the last 90 days). The title includes the covering ‘register search statement’, the title diagram and the associated title documents known as ‘instruments’, for example, restrictive covenants.
  • All required information for the class of VicSmart application (requirements are set out in the planning scheme and summarised in the VicSmart checklists).
  • Completed VicSmart checklist(s) - if your proposal falls into more than one VicSmart class of application, you will need to complete all of the relevant checklists.
  • If submitting the application in hard copy, include an electronic copy of all application documents on USB flash drive or CD/DVD.

Incomplete applications cannot be accepted

An application can be submitted:

  • Email to 
  • Post to Statutory Planning Department, City of Greater Dandenong, PO Box 200, Dandenong VIC 3175
  • In person to the Planning service counter at the Greater Dandenong Civic Centre, Level 3, 225 Lonsdale Street, Dandenong


Step 3 - Assess

A VicSmart application is assessed against pre-set decision guidelines that are set out in the VicSmart planning provisions for that class of application.

If a proposal meets the criteria for a VicSmart application, council must assess the application within 10 days using the VicSmart process. A Council cannot choose to assess the proposal using the regular permit process.

If the information submitted with the application is inadequate or if some of the required information is missing, Council can ask you in writing to provide further information. If the requested information is not provided by the specified date, the application will lapse. An application that has lapsed cannot be recommenced and a new application must be lodged. To receive an extension to allow you to seek additional information, you must apply to Council before the lapse date.


Step 4 - Decision

A decision should be made within 10 business days. After 10 business days, you will have a right of review by the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) for failure to decide.

An application is not automatically decided after 10 business days. If the application cannot be decided because of missing information, inadequate fee, design negotiations or other outstanding matter, you will be informed.

Similarly where a decision can be made but has been inadvertently delayed, a council officer will most likely inform you and will make a decision as soon as practicable.

Under VicSmart, you have the right to a review by VCAT after 10 business days, but you are not compelled to do so. Before applying to VCAT, please contact Council's Planning department on 8571 1000 to find out when a decision will be made. In most cases, a decision will be made within a reasonable timeframe.