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Digital Access in the Libraries

iPad lending at Springvale Library

Greater Dandenong Libraries now have four iPads available for lending and in library use at Springvale Library.

Adult library members can borrow iPads to explore the technology, discover eresources, ebooks, emagazines or use the free internet access if library computers are booked out. 

Borrowing a Library iPad:

  • Only adults (over 18 years old) with a Greater Dandenong Libraries card of their own can borrow an iPad
  • Children under 18 years of age must have direct supervision by parent/guardian and must borrow the iPad on the adult's library card
  • You must leave your library card in exchange for the iPad
  • Please ensure your membership details are up to date
  • To borrow you must agree to the iPad lending conditions of use


WiFi (Wireless Internet Access)

Wireless (WiFi) internet access is available at the Dandenong and Springvale libraries. Access to WiFi is free and is available during library opening hours from your wireless device (e.g. your laptop or smartphone).

WiFi Access:

  • Children under 10 years old must have direct supervision by a parent/guardian and use their own library card
  • Users must have a valid online Greater Dandenong library card and PIN number to access the WiFi
  • agree to the digital access conditions of use.

Please note: because each computer is unique, library staff are not able to offer personal technical assistance with the configuration of your equipment.


Library computers

The use of library computers is free for all Greater Dandenong library members.

All computers have Microsoft Office, as well as access to a colour printer (printing costs apply).

Four iMacs computers are available at Dandenong Library (training room 2 - level 3) with access to colour printing (printing costs apply).

Scanning facilities are available free of charge on dedicated PCs and through the printers at both the libraries.

Library computer bookings:

  • Bookings can be made in the libraries from the dedicated PC booking terminals or walk-up bookings at available computers.
  • Computer bookings can be made for a maximum of two hours per day
  • Users must agree to the digital access conditions of use.


Gaming consoles

Greater Dandenong Libraries have gaming consoles, Playstation4, XboxOne, WiiU.

We have a wide range of games to suit all age groups, including  fun, interactive and educational PC games for juniors.

Booking the gaming consoles:

  • Sessions can be booked on the hour or half hour time slots on the day and in person only
  • Children under 10 years old must have direct supervision by parent/guardian and use their own library card
  • Users must have a valid library card to book a gaming console
  • Users must agree to the gaming console conditions of use.