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Parking, Roads and Transport

Parking, Roads and Transport


Hoon driving is a dangerous and illegal behaviour that endangers the lives of drivers and other road users.  Council is working with Police and VicRoads to reduce this dangerous behaviour.

Hoon driving is:

  • Dangerous driving often involving excessive speed
  • Causing the vehicle to make excessive noise or smoke 
  • Drag racing

Residents can help address this problem by reporting hooning to the Police, who are responsible for the enforcement of illegal driver behaviour.

If residents feel they are in immediate danger they are advised to call 000 for assistance.

Although immediate police attendance following a 000 call relating to hooning may not be possible, residents are entitled to call this number if they believe they are in immediate danger and the data obtained from the calls can be useful for the police in determining appropriate resourcing and response.

The Police can also be contacted at any time via the Crime Stoppers hotline on 1800 333 000.

Providing additional information such as the vehicle's registration number or make of any offending vehicles, as well as the time and date where the offence occurred allows the police to more effectively address the issue. Informing Crime Stoppers of such matters will allow them to create a profile on the area and take appropriate action.

Council’s involvement in reducing hooning also includes education programs, which are delivered at schools and sporting clubs.  These programs introduce young drivers and potential drivers to the impact of road trauma, as well as other issues such as drink and drug driving.

Council does not install traffic calming infrastructure to address hooning issues. Infrastructure, such as speed cushions, does not generally reduce or eliminate this behaviour. It simply moves it to another location within the City of Greater Dandenong. Council's limited budget for road safety infrastructure is prioritized towards locations where speeding or accidents occur due to other factors such as "rat running" or unintentional speeding. At these locations the road safety risk can be more effectively reduced, as opposed to just relocated.