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Dandenong Railway Station Precinct Action Plan 2011-18

The City of Greater Dandenong is strongly committed to creating a safer city. Council, together with partner organisations, are currently implementing the Dandenong Railway Station Precinct Action Plan 2011-2018 to improve safety, amenity, design and security in and around the Dandenong Railway Station precinct.

The Railway Station is a key gateway leading into Dandenong’s central business district, servicing over 7,500 patrons a day. It is one of Greater Dandenong’s most important public spaces, connecting many community members to their work, shopping and social commitments.

Since 2011, the action plan has successfully guided Council and its partners to deliver a range of effective strategies and actions to improve community safety, amenities, design and security of the station and its surrounds.

The working group consists of senior representatives from Metro Trains, Public Transport Victoria, Victoria Police and Greater Dandenong Council and meet annually to review the action plan’s achievements and identify priorities for future years.

Key achievements from the Action Plan


  • Opening of Settlers Square Plaza beside the Pop-up Park providing pedestrian access from the railway station, via Halpin Way, to the City’s new Civic Square
  • New taxi rank and bus interchange design improving pedestrian movement and safety within the railway station precinct
  • Improvement of sightlines, cleaning and graffiti removal from the precinct

Surveillance and Safety

  • Installation of CCTV security camera systems in and around the railway station precinct
  • Deployment and visibility of Protective Service Officers (PSO’s) and station staff at the railway station, improving patrons’ perceptions of safety

Security and Protection

  • Increased Victoria Police proactive operations in and around the railway station precinct targeting anti-social behaviour, public drinking and theft of and from vehicles
  • Increased frequency of train services to reduce passenger waiting times and increase patron safety

Perceptions of Safety and Communications

  • Space activation events including Safe City Days, station music sessions, Pop-up Park and community garden
  • Positive coverage of the station precinct by local and metropolitan media

Download the Dandenong Railway Station Precinct Action Plan 2011-2018 (PDF-9.42MB)

Action Plan Progress Updates