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Register of Interests

Disclosures of Interest

Under the Local Government Act 1989 Councillors, senior officers and nominated officers are required to complete an Ordinary Return every six months. An Ordinary Return is an acknowledgement of any interest a person may have in relation to the municipality of Greater Dandenong, this would include owning land or owning shares in a company that is dealing with Council on a professional or contractual basis.

Council must keep a register of these returns and make them available for public inspection when requested to do so in writing. 

The Application to Inspect Register of Interests Form (Form 3) must be completed and acknowledged by Council’s Chief Executive Officer prior to any inspection of Council’s Register of Interests. All the required details are contained within the form.

Please Note: a register must also be kept of anyone who requests to inspect Council’s documents under this provision of the Local Government Act 1989.

Download Application to Inspect Register of Interests form (PDF - 28.9KB)