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Keysborough South Community Hub

The City of Greater Dandenong is committed to establishing a community hub in Keysborough South where a range of services, programs and flexible meeting spaces will be provided for the community.

Council has undertaken extensive planning and consultation over a number of years for the proposed community hub and has recently announced Tatterson Park as the selected location for the facility.

Key features of the Community Hub are listed below and consistent with previous plans developed in consultation with the community.

  • Community meeting rooms
  • Kindergarten rooms
  • Child care rooms
  • Maternal and Child Health consulting suites
  • Community lounge
  • Reception, kitchen, amenities etc.
  • Outdoor community / play spaces
Project Background

Keysborough South has experienced significant housing development and population growth over recent years, having increased from 5,516 residents in 2012 to 11,838 in 2019.

This surge in population has led to a significant increase in the demand for community services, in particular early years’ children’s services. These services, in addition to a range of multi-purpose meeting rooms and spaces will be provided at the community hub, allowing opportunities for a variety of activities and programs to be offered for the community.

Previous planning and consultation

Detailed planning and consultation for the community hub was undertaken in 2015/16. This process was facilitated by Planisphere and Brand Architects and sought feedback from Keysborough South residents about their community service needs. More specifically, this study aimed to:

  1. Determine community need and sentiment on the development of a community hub in the Keysborough South area
  2. Develop preliminary concept plans based on consultation outcomes, and seek further community input and the facility design and potential governance models.

The project involved responses from over 400 people and confirmed the need for a range of community services, in addition to a school in Keysborough South. It also communicated the community sentiment and philosophy for the community hub and emphasised the need for a range of flexible meeting spaces and outdoor areas.

A range of program and service needs were identified including early years children’s services (i.e. kindergarten, child care, maternal child health, immunisation services and playgroups), activities for young people, library and education based services and physical activity programs.

Keysborough South Community Hub project - Final Report, April 2016 (PDF - 19.9MB)

Draft concept plans

Draft concept plans were prepared by Brand Architects (2015) and featured facilities that that were identified in community consultation and planning. These plans included single and double story configurations and were subject to a second round of community consultation.

These concept plans, together with the outcome of further community consultation and service planning, will be used to inform the design development phase of the project.

Community hub principles

Planning for the Keysborough South Community Hub has considered the City of Greater Dandenong’s ‘Community Hub’s Framework’ (2015) and principles for the design and development of community hubs. These include:

  1. Centrally located
  2. Accessible for users – on or near a main road
  3. Located where people already visit
  4. Able to provide a variety of services to meet the needs of the local community
  5. Integrated service delivery
  6. Co-located with existing local users such as shops, transport, community facilities, parks and schools
  7. Flexible and adaptable to future changing needs


Keysborough South Community Hub Location

Greater Dandenong Council is excited to announce the corner of Chapel Road and Villiers Road in Tatterson Park as the selected location for the new Keysborough South Community Hub.

The decision follows extensive planning and consultation over a number of years, including a recent community consultation process which involved 556 responses. The results from this consultation process are available here and identified similar levels of community support for both site options within Tatterson Park. However the site on the corner of Chapel Road and Villiers Road (existing dog park) was identified as preferred due to its prominent location, easy access and central location to the Keysborough South community.

The new community hub will incorporate a variety of community services and multi-purpose facilities and spaces.

This will include community meeting rooms, kindergarten rooms, child care rooms, maternal and child health consulting suites, community lounge and outdoor community play spaces.


What will happen to the off-leash dog park?

A new dog park will be developed within Tatterson Park, approximately 150m west of the existing dog park, prior to the construction of the community hub.

The City of Greater Dandenong recognises the importance of the off-leash dog parks for the community, and will allocate funding for the development of a new dog park under this proposal. This park will be similar in size to the existing dog park and will include a secure / fenced area, park furniture, shelter, water, landscaping and path connection.



Next steps

Council has allocated funding to undertake the design development phase of the project in the current 2019/20 financial year. The community will have a further opportunity to comment on the proposed plans as part of this process.

Construction of the community hub is proposed to commence in 2020/21.