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Council Elections

Voting at Council Elections

Who conducts Council Elections

The Victorian Electoral Commission (VEC) conducts the Council Elections and manages all aspects of the election process. 

Compulsory voting

If you are enrolled to vote for the State Election and are a Greater Dandenong resident then you are automatically enrolled to vote at Council Elections and it is compulsory to vote. 

Additional information relevant to Council elections

The previous Greater Dandenong City Council elections were held on 22 October 2016. For the results of the 2016 Council elections, please refer to the Victorian Electoral Commission's website.


2020 Election Period Policy

In accordance with the Local Government Act 1989, a Council must prepare and adopt an Election Period Policy and continue to maintain, review, and if required, amend the policy before the commencement of each subsequent general election period.

The Act further specifies the policy must include:

  • procedures intended to prevent the Council from making inappropriate decisions or using resources inappropriately during the election period before a general election

  • limits on public consultation and the scheduling of Council events

  • procedures to ensure that access to information held by Council is made equally available and accessible to candidates during the election

On Tuesday 28 January 2020, Council adopted the amended Election Period(Caretaker) Policy.

Download the Greater Dandenong City Council Election Period (Caretaker) Policy 

The Election Period (Caretaker) Policy defines appropriate procedures and practices to ensure that the general elections for the Greater Dandenong City Council to be held on Saturday 24 October 2020 are conducted in a manner that is ethical, fair and equitable and are publicly perceived as such. 

Caretaker Period – Wednesday 23 September 2020 until 6pm on Saturday 24 October 2020

‘Caretaker’ provisions are intended to assure the community that councils and councillors will avoid certain actions and decisions which could be seen to be influencing voters or which will have a significant impact on the incoming Council. Specific provisions apply to all councils during the election period. The provisions will apply from 23 September 2020 until 6pm on 24 October 2020, inclusive.


Electoral Representation Review 2019

The Victorian Electoral Commission (VEC) has published its final report following an electoral representation review of Greater Dandenong City Council.

The report puts forward a recommended electoral structure for the local council. The VEC recommends Greater Dandenong City Council retains its current electoral structure with adjustments to the current ward boundaries (11 councillors elected from three three-councillor wards and one two-councillor ward).

As well as detailing the recommendation, the report summarises the review process, matters raised through submissions and at the public hearing, and other findings that informed the VEC during the review.

The Minister for Local Government, the Hon. Adem Somyurek MLC, will decide whether to accept the recommendation. Any changes to the electoral structure will take effect at the next local council general election in October 2020.

Download the VCE Final Report - Greater Dandenong City Council Representation Review October 2019


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