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Council Elections

Council Elections - 24 October 2020

Who conducts Council Elections

The Victorian Electoral Commission (VEC) conducts the Council Elections and manages all aspects of the election process. This year's Council Elections will be conducted by postal voting.  The VEC will send out postal ballot packs to everyone on the Greater Dandenong Voters Roll between 6-8 October 2020.

Compulsory voting

If you are enrolled to vote for the State Election and are a Greater Dandenong resident then you are automatically enrolled to vote at Council Elections and it is compulsory to vote. To access the VEC's website page about voting click here. To access the VEC's website page that explains the different voting entitlements that residents may hold click here.

Note: In previous years it was not compulsory for you to vote if you were over 70.  This has now changed and it is compulsory for you to vote if you are over 70 and a Greater Dandenong resident who is on the Voters' Roll.

How can you find out about candidates running in the Council elections?

The VEC has made a short video about how voters can find information about candidates running in the Council elections, including where candidates stand on various issues. You can access this VEC video at the following link:

How do I find out about Candidates?

VEC Candidate Nomination

Nominations closed at 12 noon on Tuesday 22 September 2020.

VEC Election Office

The VEC Greater Dandenong Election Office is located at 279 Lonsdale Street, Dandenong and can be contacted during business hours on telephone 8619 1426. This office will operate strictly in accordance with a COVID-Safe Plan and it is suggested you call before visiting the office at any time.

Candidate Resources

Local Government Victoria (LGV) has published guidelines that will help candidates understand how to comply with the directions of the Victorian Chief Health Officer to stay safe while campaigning.  The document Campaigning for Council Elections in October 2020 - Guidelines for Coronavirus (COVID-19) provides advice on permitted campaign activities, safety for campaign teams, basic hygiene and physical distancing and is available at this link (PDF - 185KB). LGV also provided new information on its website on 08/09/2020 which is available at this link.

New Ward Structure for Council Elections 2020

At the start of May, the Minister for Local Government announced that Greater Dandenong would have its electoral structure changed back to single member wards for the 2020 local government elections.
The new ward boundaries were informed by recent work undertaken by the Victorian Electoral Commission and ensure that each councillor represents roughly the same number of voters.
Council suggested to the Minister for Local Government that the 11 wards be named after the areas they predominantly represent and the Minister has now accepted these names.  An Order in Council which applies the new ward boundaries and names was made by the Governor in Council and published in the Victoria Government Gazette on 9 July 2020. You can view the new wards on Council’s website at the following link.

New ward boundaries applicable to the October 2020 Council Elections (PDF 2MB)

Caretaker Provisions

The Caretaker or Election Period commenced at 12 noon on Tuesday 22 September 2020 and ends at 6pm on Saturday 24 October 2020 (Elections Day).

‘Caretaker’ provisions are intended to assure the community that councils and councillors will avoid certain actions and decisions which could be seen to be influencing voters or which will have a significant impact on the incoming Council. Specific provisions apply to all councils during the election period under the Local Government Act 2020.

2020 Election Period (Caretaker) Policy

In accordance with the Local Government Act 2020, Council adoped its Governance Rules on 24 August 2020. These Governance Rules contain an amended Election Period (Caretaker) Policy which includes:

  • procedures intended to prevent Council from making inappropriate decisions or using resources inappropriately during the election period before a general election;
  • limits on public consultation and the scheduling of Council events; and
  • procedures to ensure that access to information held by Council is made equally available and accessible to candidates during the election.

Download the Greater Dandenong City Council Governance Rules (PDF 222KB) 

The Election Period (Caretaker) Policy within Council's Governance Rules defines appropriate procedures and practices to ensure that the general elections for the Greater Dandenong City Council on Saturday 24 October 2020 are conducted in a manner that is ethical, fair and equitable and are publicly perceived as such. 

Read other information relevant to Council elections: