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Family Violence

Family Violence

Promoting Gender Equality

The purpose of this section is to provide faith and spiritual leaders, as well as the general community, with ideas about how to promote equality and respect toward women in their community.

Creating awareness

Creating awareness about the links between violence against women and gender inequality in the community is an important part of preventing violence against women. There are different ways of creating awareness about the need to promote equality between women and men to prevent violence against women in the community, including fact sheets, posters and pledges.

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Having discussions

When talking about violence against women and respect and equality in your community, think about whether your community is ready to hear about this kind of address. These are difficult ideas to understand and explain so you might like to ease your community into this discussion by starting off with some basic facts about violence against women, or use a case of violence against women featured in the newspaper as a ‘conversation starter’.

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Engaging in community initiatives

There are many excellent community initiatives that are committed to preventing and reducing violence against women. Individuals and communities can take advantage of the good work that these initiatives have been doing, including:

  • Greater Dandenong Walk Against Family Violence
  • Our Watch
  • HeForShe campaign
  • YWCA Week Without Violence
  • 16 Days of Activism against Gender Violence
  • International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women
  • White Ribbon
  • White Ribbon Ambassador program

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Taking action to promote gender equality in your community

You can take action to promote gender equality by making changes in your community and its everyday practices. There are many activities that your community can do to encourage equality and respect between women and men, such as:

  • create a gender equality/preventing violence against women community action plan
  • encouraging young women to be involved in leadership
  • educate and train leaders in your community 
  • encourage women to become involved in leadership and decision-making positions
  • create a gender equality preventing violence against women action group.

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Building partnerships and advocating for change

Building partnerships and networks with other communities and organisations can strengthen the work your community does to prevent violence against women. You can learn from each other and combine to work together as well as advocate for change to peak bodies. There is great benefit in sharing.

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