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Family Violence

Family Violence

Family Violence Support Services and Organisations

Below is a list of some services and organisations that may be useful when talking about violence against women in your community and taking action to prevent violence before it occurs.

These services and organisations can give further information about family violence and violence against women. You may also pass on the information and support numbers to those who tell you that they are experiencing violence and would like help. They can also give you support if you are feeling overwhelmed.

List of services and organisations

Domestic/family violence crisis and outreach services

1800 Respect 1800 737 732,

  • 24 hours a day, 7 days a week service for those experiencing sexual assault or family violence

Safe Steps Family Violence Response Centre 1800 015 188,

  • 24 hours a day, 7 days a week response line for victims of family violence providing emergency accommodation and referral to local support services

InTouch Multicultural Centre Against Family Violence1800 755 988,

  • Support and advice for culturally and linguistically diverse women

Centres Against Sexual Assault (CASA)9635 3610 (Counselling and support line),

  • 24 hours a day, 7 days a week crisis and support line for survivors of sexual assault

Information and resource agencies

Domestic Violence Resource Centre, 9486 9866,

  • Telephone support and referral to services for those experiencing family violence
  • Online information for those have experienced family violence 
  • Training courses for professionals to improve skills in supporting survivors of family violence 
  • Pamphlets and booklets to assist survivors of family violence

Women’s Information and Referral Exchange

  • 1300 134 130 (Telephone Support Service – Monday 9am-5pm)
  • 9348 9416 (Women’s Information Centre)

Relationship support

Family Relationship Centres (FRC), 

  • Support for separating families with parenting arrangements

Relationships Australia (Victoria), 1300 364 277,

  • Offers counselling for relationship matters

Women's health and wellbeing organisations

Women’s Health Victoria, 9664 9300, 

  • Provides online information about issues related to women’s health
  • Offers workshops and forums on issues such as violence against women and prevention

YWCA Victoria, 8341 8700,

  • Advocates for women’s equality
  • Supports women to obtain accommodation and housing
  • Offers mentoring program for young women

Victorian Women’s Trust, 9642 0422,

  • Advocates for the rights of women and girls 
  • Offers grants to projects that improve conditions for women and girls

Men's organisations

Men's Referral Service, 1300 766 491,

  • Telephone counselling, information and referrals for men to help them to stop using violent and controlling behaviour

No To Violence, 1300 766 491,

  • Information and training for professionals working with men to change their violent behaviou

Legal services

Springvale Monash Legal Service Inc., 9545 7400

  • For family violence and family law matters
  • Specialist clinic held each Thursday in Dandenong for pre-booked appointments 

Aboriginal Family Violence Prevention and Legal Service, 1800 105 303,

  • Support for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander victims of family violence
  • Provides free legal advice
  • Support with issues such as intervention orders, Family Law and Child Protection

Community Legal Centres, 9652 1500, 

  • Provides free legal advice, information and representation

Muslim Legal Services Victoria, 9386 6804

  • Provides legal advice and services within the Muslim community

Refugee and Immigration Legal Centre, 9413 0101,

  •  Provides legal advice and services within the refugee community

Women’s Legal Service Victoria, 8622 0600,

  • Provides legal services for the needs of women and their children 
  • Provides women with information about the legal system

Victoria Legal Aid, 9269 0234,

  • Provides free legal information

Youthlaw, 9611 2412,

  • Free community legal centre for young people under 25 years of age

Useful websites

Berry Street
Berry Street supports children, young people and families with complex issues arising from their experiences of abuse, neglect or violence.

Bursting the Bubble 
Bursting the Bubble is a website for young people. It has information about what to do if someone in the family is abusing another member such as making a safety plan and services to contact for help. Bursting the Bubble also has true stories from young people about how they coped with family violence in their families.

FaithTrust Institute
FaithTrust Institute is a multifaith and multicultural training and education organisation working to end sexual and domestic violence. The website has many resources about domestic violence from the perspectives of faith and action to be taken by faith communities to address domestic violence.

Love: The good, the bad and the ugly 
Love: The good, the bad and the ugly is a guide about abusive relationships for young people. The website has information about abuse and violence in relationships and how to know if you or someone you know is in an abusive relationship.

Take a stand campaign – South African Faith and Family Institute
South African Faith and Family Institute calls upon faith leaders to ‘take a stand’ against intimate partner violence and gender based violence. It calls for faith communities to prioritise the issue of violence against women and children.

Youth Central
Youth Central is a website that has information on a range of topics for young people. It includes information about health and relationships.

Our Watch
Our Watch is nation-wide organisation established to change cultures, behaviours and attitudes that underpin violence against women and children.