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Sustainability and the Environment

Sustainability and the Environment

Community Environmental Groups

Greater Dandenong Community Sustainability Advisory Committee

The Greater Dandenong Sustainability Advisory Committee was established to assist Council in the implementation of the Greater Dandenong Sustainability Strategy 2016-30. The committee is currently made out of a wide range of members from teachers to business owners and envionmental scientists, this broad range helps to represent the entire community.

The committee was established as a response to the recommendations identified in a report endorsed by Council on 15 December 2015 and as a key community priority identified in the Greater Dandenong Sustainability Strategy 2016-2030 - towards an Environmentally Sustainable City (endorsed by Council on 27 June 2016). The efforts of the committee will contribute to Greater Dandenong becoming one of the most sustainable cities in Australia. 

What is the committee expected to do?

  • Champion, advocate and promote sustainability throughout the City of Greater Dandenong, as well as the sustainability achievements of Council and the broader community.
  • Provide Council with input, guidance and support on sustainability and environmental matters relevant to the local community within the City of Greater Dandenong.
  • Provide Council with input, guidance and support on the implementaiton of key community priorities and community objectives in the 2016-2030 Greater Dandenong Sustainability Strategy.
  • Provide Council with input, guidance and support in respect to communication, engagement and consultation by Council with the local community on relevant sustainabiltiy matters.

    How does the committee operate?

    The committee will meet up to five times per year. The committee's agenda is reflective of key community priorities and community objectives identified in the Greater Dandenong Sustainability Strategy 2016-2030 and other relevant strategic projects with a community focus. 

    The committee consists of up to eleven members including:

    • Up to two Councillor representatives
    • Up to three Council officers
    • Up to eight community representatives who live, work or are an active member Greater Dandenong and have a role/interest in sustainability.
    • A Committee Chair (community representative) is nominated by members to Chair meetings for a fixed term. 

    Committee members have a three year tenure. The operation of the committee is governed by a Terms of Reference. All committee meetings are documented with minutes tabled at Council meetings. 

    Committee membership

    Applications are now open for three (3) committee member positions.

    If you would like to express interest to become a member of the committee please complete the application form and return to Council via post, fax or email by 5pm, Sunday 2 August 2020.

    Members are appointed by a selection panel based on the selection criteria outlined in the Terms of Reference. Members will be appointed prior to the meeting on 2 September 2020. 

    Please also ensure you familiarise yourself with the following documents:

    Current community and “friends of” groups

    Community and “friends of” groups are a great way to meet new people while learning about the local environment. Friends groups are usually a group of people with a common interest in a particular park or reserve, that contribute to the parks management and maintenance. Activities can include tree planting, weed control, fauna surveys and water watch activities and monitoring.

    By joining a “Friends of” group you can assist in the management of significant natural reserves within the City of Greater Dandenong.

    Greater Dandenong Environment Group

    Formed in 1990, this group aims to increase local awareness about environmental issues. The group contributes to Council’s conservation strategy and several publications on local flora and fauna, have organised meetings, talks, walks and some social events.

    Today, the Greater Dandenong Environment Group meets at the Dandenong Wetlands where they conduct bird watching activities on the first Sunday of the month at 9.30am. They also hold regular meetings and attend other general environmental activities.

    For more information on the group and their activities contact Ian Kitchen on 9795 7423 or email

    Alex Wilkie Nature Reserve

    Get involved in guided walks, nature trails and more. Open Fridays, 9am-3pm and every 3rd Sunday of the month, 10am- 5pm. Reserve is closed during winter season (June-August).

    The community can volunteer at Alex Wilkie Nature Reserve and work with staff to help maintain the beauty of the reserve.

    More information on volunteering at Alex Wilkie Nature Reserve
    More information on Alex Wilkie Nature Reserve

    Friends of Fortheringham Reserve

    This group meets at Fortheringham Reserve on the fourth Sunday of every second month to conduct water testing, plant indigenous seedlings, weed control, seed collecting and nature walks.

    For more information or to become a member contact Council.

    Other local community and gardening groups

    Greenlink Sandbelt

    A community based, non-profit indigenous plant nursery
    587 Heatherton Road, Clayton South (opposite Fernworld)
    Open: Wednesday 9am-12pm and Sunday 11am-2pm
    Phone: 0488 004 012

    Springvale Gardeners Club

    Senior Citizens Hall, Springvale
    Phone: 9795 4204 / 9798 7416

    “Friends of” Braeside Park (Parks Victoria)

    Lower Dandenong Rd, Braeside
    Phone: 9265 7300
    Fax: 9558 1065

    Permaculture groups in the City of Greater Dandenong

    Greater Southeastern Permaculture Group
    Contact Permaculture Melbourne 9513 4447 for further information on this group.

    Southeastern Permaculture Group
    Contact Permaculture Melbourne 9513 4447 for further information on this group.