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Current Advocacy Campaigns

Council advocacy topics

Council is currently campaigning on a number of issues/topics. To read more about the key issues we are advocating for in the lead up to the Federal Election visit the Federal Election Advocacy Issues page.

Advocacy Items


Further Information

40 km/Hour Zone along Menzies Avenue, Dandenong North

Due to concerns by residents regarding pedestrian safety on Menzies Avenue near the shops, it was resolved that Council would advocate for a 40 km/hr speed limit from O’Malley Crescent to Hughes Crescent. 

Read Council Minutes, 9 May 2016

African Community 

At its meeting on 12 February 2018 Council endorsed a notice of motion in support of the Greater Dandenong African Community. This included recognition that residents of African background are valued and respected; encouraging others to refrain from language that leads to fear and division; to promote participation in advisory committees; writing to state and federal MPs about this position and issuing a media release. 

Read Council Minutes, 12 February 2018

Read Council's letter to Julian Hill, Federal Member for Bruce

Read Council's letter to Hon Bruce Atkinson, MLC for Eastern Metropolitan

Asylum Seeker and Refugees

Council supports and advocates on behalf of refugees and asylum seekers to help achieve a healthy, active and safe life in this community through the Refugee and Asylum Seeker Statement, the Joint Statement on Asylum Seekers Living in the Community, the formation of the Asylum Seeker and Refugee Advisory Committee and development of the Asylum Seeker and Refugee Action Plan.

In June 2017 Council advocated for increased support for asylum seekers facing consequences of the ‘lodge or leave’ announcement.  

In March 2018, Council advocated for an extension to the Notice of Intention to Consider Cancellation for refugees holding permanent visas from 14 day response time to at least 28 days.

Council is advocating against recent federal government changes to the eligibility criteria for the Status Resolution Support Services (SRSS) for people seeking asylum. 

Read Joint Statement on Asylum Seekers Living in the Community

Read Refugees and Asylum Seekers: Greater Dandenong's Role

Read Council Minutes, 13 June 2017 

Read Council Minutes, 13 March 2018

Read Council's letter to Hon Peter Dutton, Minister for Home Affairs

Read Council's advocacy actions against changes to the eligibility criteria for the Status Resolution Support Services (SRSS) for people seeking asylum.

Australian Citizenship Legislation Amendment 

Council opposed changes in the Australian Citizenship Legislation Amendment, in particular the changes to residency requirements and the English language test. See council meeting minutes from 10 July 2017 for details. 

Read Council Minutes, 10 July 2017

Business manufacturing and the auto industry

Funding for further pilot programs to assist ‘financially distressed’ companies facing closure as a result of the auto industry demise.

Download Key Advocacy Issues 2017

Chandler Road 

Council is working with VicRoads in order to identify a solution and develop plans for the intersection of Chandler and Cheltenham roads. There is currently a number of concerns associated with the area including safety, congestion, road maintenance and dust. 

Read Council Minutes, 29 January 2019 (Councillors' Quesions page 15773)

Chapel Road Intersection 

Council is seeking an urgent review of the intersection of Chapel Road and the Dandenong Bypass, including light signals and the possibility of red light and speed cameras.

Read Council Minutes, 11 June 2019

Charitable Purpose Bill 

At the Council meeting on 12 February 2018, Greater Dandenong City Council publicly renewed its commitment as a community who welcomes all. In response to the Victorian Parliament’s Charitable Purpose Bill 2017 Council agreed to write letters to parliamentary members opposing the proposed changes to the Act. These changes would exclude the advancement of religion as a charitable purpose. 

Read Council Minutes, 12 February 2018

Read Council's letter to Ms Fiona Patten, MLC for Northern Metropolitan

Climate Emergency

On Tuesday 28 January 2020, Greater Dandenong Council voted unanimously on a Notice of Motion to declare a 'Climate and Ecological Emergency'. This includes advocacy to State and Federal Governments to also declare a climate emergency and take action to mitigate.

Read Council Minutes 28 January 2020

Dandenong Bypass Sound Barrier 

Council has written to the State Government regarding the urgent need for a sound barrier for residents between Chandler and Perry roads, Keysborough, and is supporting the Keysborough South Action Group’s advocacy on this issue.

Read Council Minutes, 23 October 2017

Read Council's letter to Hon Luke Donnellan, Minister for Roads and Road Safety

Read Council's letter to Hon Martin Pakula, State Member for Keysborough

Read Council's letter to Mr Aidan McGann, Regional Director, VicRoads

Dandenong South Inland Port

Council is supporting the seeking of funding for this project which will connect to the Port of Melbourne, reducing travelling distances, fuel use, carbon emissions and creating local jobs.

Download Key Advocacy Issues 2017

Drug and Alcohol Misuse

Council is focussed on harm minimisation techniques, and seeks collaboration across all levels of government to identify, monitor and manage alcohol related harms; and seeks funding for initiatives to address the impacts of alcohol. 

Download Key Advocacy Issues 2017


Education and employment – improving outcomes for young people

The need to address opportunities for young people in CGD, via improved pathways, new local jobs, VET funding, and social enterprise initiatives.

Download Key Advocacy Issues 2017

Emerson School Crossing 

Over the last decade Council, Victoria Police and the Emerson School community have been lobbying the State Government to install a school crossing on Heatherton Road in Dandenong.
The risk taking behaviour of students attempting to cross between the school's two campuses has now reached a critical level and urgent action is required to address this serious community safety issue.

Council has written to Minister for Roads, Road Safety and TAC Jaala Pulford MLC calling for urgent action.

Read Council Minutes, 25 February 2019

Family violence  

Greater Dandenong Council seeks to raise the profile of family violence and gender equity, support community-based initiatives, advocate for further resources to address these issues and provide direct support to local families, women and young people at risk of violence.

Read Family Violence Support Services and Organisations

Gambling reform

The City of Greater Dandenong has the second highest concentration of gaming machines in metropolitan Melbourne, and annual losses are near the top for the state. Council is seeking the introduction of $1 bet limits on all EGMs; the prohibition of EFTPOS facilities in gaming venues; the introduction of compulsory pre-commitment; increased financial support for programs that prevent harms associated with problem gambling; and a better mechanism for planning decisions on EGMs that allows for community input.

In July 2017 Council committed to considering options for better engagement with community organisations, clubs, schools and churches to further advocate for gambling reform.

Read Gambling information

Letter to State Government: Proposal to consider the introduction of 'cashless gambling' to Victoria

Letter to State Government: Gambling Regulation Amendment Bill 2017 

Mayors launch biggest local government push yet for gambling reform - Alliance for Gambling Reform Release


Read Council Minutes, 10 July 2017


Everybody’s Home Campaign
Greater Dandenong Council has signed onto the Everybody’s Home Campaign. This is a campaign to advocate to the Australian and Victorian Governments for a better and fairer housing system for everyone.

The Campaign makes the following five recommendations to be adopted by the Australian Government through an amendment to existing laws or by enacting new laws:
1. Support first home buyers by resetting the tax-system around housing.
2. Develop a National Housing Strategy to meet the shortfall of 500,000 social and affordable rental homes.
3. Establish a better deal for renters through abolition of the ‘no grounds’ evictions clause and unfair rent rises.
4. Provide immediate relief for Australians in chronic rental stress through increase in Commonwealth
Rent Assistance.
5. Establish a plan to end homelessness by 2030. 

Visit website


Increased police resources 

Council has called on the State Government to provide increased police resources to the City of Greater Dandenong Police Service Area to help combat increasing crime rates, including resources to address the rising problems of drug crime, addiction and access to rehabilitation beds for ice addicts.

Read Council Minutes 12 December 2016

I Love Kinder Campaign 

The City of Greater Dandenong has signed on to the I Love Kinder Campaign. The campaign is calling on the Australian Government to commit to recurrent kindergarten funding. As it stands the Australian Government has only committed to providing five hours of a week of four-year-old kindergarten for every child until the end of 2019. The Victorian Government currently funds an additional 10 hours a week. The I Love Kinder campaign is supported by the Municipal Association of Victoria and a number of other Council’s across Victoria are part of the campaign.

Council also commited to advocating for the restoration of the National Quality Agenda National Partnership Agreement.

Read more information on the campaign at

Read Council Minutes, 11 February 2019

International Airport

Council has written to both state and federal members in support of a third international airport being situated in Melbourne’s south east, and requesting it be given consideration as a priority project. See a copy of the letter sent. 

Read letter from Council supporting a third international airport

Internet and Mobile Telecommunications Issues

At the 12 September 2016 meeting Council resolved to advocate for improved internet choice and performance as well as mobile reception, particularly in the new estates within Dandenong and Keysborough. Council is seeking support from local members of Parliament, relevant telecommunications authorities and providers asking for support to improve internet choice and performance.

Read Council Minutes, 12 September 2016

Residents who wish to complain about the lack of performance with their internet may contact:

Telecommunications providers:
Telstra, Ph.1800 499 458
Optus, Ph. 1800 780 219

Members of Parliament:
Julian Hill, Member for Bruce, 
Ph. 9547 1444

Anthony Byrne, Member for Holt,  Ph. 9796 7533

Clare O’Neil, Member for Hotham, 
Ph. 9545 6211

Keysborough South Prep-12/Secondary School

Council is advocating for a secondary school in the vicinity of the new estates of Keysborough South that would serve residents in that area and the nearby suburbs in Greater Dandenong and the City of Kingston. We have also written to the Minister for Education and the State MP for Keysborough and other local lower house and upper house members of State Parliament and the local Federal member, requesting a secondary school for Keysborough South.

Read Advocacy: P-12/Secondary School in Keysborough South

Read Hon James Merlino's letter to Council dated May 2019

Read Jenny Atta's letter to Council dated May 2019

Read Council's letter to Hon James Merlino dated April 2019

Read Council's letter to Jenny Atta, Secretary Department of Education and Training dated April 2019

Read Hon James Merlino’s response letter to Council from 2017

Landfill Levy Funding Allocation 

Greater Dandenong Council supports the Metropolitan Local Government Waste Forum actions to ensure the State Government uses funds from the Municipal and Industrial Landfill levy for the introduction of innovative and sustainable waste management solutions, as was its original purpose. 

Read Council Minutes, 13 June 2017 

Libraries Change Lives 

Council supports the Victorian public libraries’ initiative, Libraries Change Lives. This initiative aims to increase awareness of the work public libraries do to support communities. With a growing Victorian population to service, the campaign also advocates for a boost in State Government public library operations, infrastructure and early years program funding.

Read more information at


Lyndhurst Landfill

For many years Council has been advocating for the earliest possible closure of the Lyndhurst Landfill. These efforts are ongoing.

Download Key Advocacy Issues 2017

Making Rent Fair Campaign 

In June 2017 council resolved to support the State Government’s ‘Making Rent Fair’ campaign through a letter to the Minister for Consumer Affairs and a media release. 

Read Media Release, Greater Dandenong supports the Make Renting Fair Campaign

Maralinga Primary School 

Council has asked the State Government to retain the site of the former Maralinga Primary School for future education needs in the area in the absence of any clear strategic intentions for the site.  


Material aid for the community's most vulnerable 

The City of Greater Dandenong is one of the most disadvantaged municipalities in Victoria, so ongoing efforts are focussed on additional resources for local services, material aid and support for volunteer services. 

Download Key Advocacy Issues 2017

Maternal and Child Health Services


Council is advocating to the State Government outlining the increasing complexity and demand for MCH services across the city and seeking their action; as well as forming a working group to address these issues. The working group will build a strong business case to articulate what the issues are before reporting back to the community. 

Read Council Minutes, 11 December 2017

Public transport 

Ongoing improvements throughout Greater Dandenong, in particular increased bus services to Keysborough South and Dandenong South’s industrial area.

Sustainability and Environment - Public Transport

View YouTube video of Cr Roz Blades on efforts to lobby for better public transport in Dandenong South

Raise the Rate Campaign 

Greater Dandenong Council has signed on to the Raise the Rate campaign. Managed by the Australian Council of Social Service (ACOSS), the goal of the Raise the Rate campaign is for the Federal Government to immediately lift the single rate of Newstart, Youth Allowance and other related payments by at least $75 per week, and index allowances to wages. Currently, these payments are too low to help people get through tough times and into suitable employment. The rate of Newstart has not been increased for 25 years, while the cost of living, especially housing, has gone through the roof.

Greater Dandenong Council Mayor Cr Roz Blades has also written to the Hon Stuart Robert, Minister of Government Services advocating for the increase to the Newstart, Youth Allowance and other related payments.

For more information on this campaign visit the Raise the Rate website


Rate capping 

Council continues to advocate for a fair rate capping system, imposed by the State Government in 2016-17. 

Read Council Minutes, 24 August 2015 on Council's Submission on Rate Capping and Variation Framework

Read Understanding your Rates


Regulation of shisha under the Tobacco Act 

Council is investigating and will consider options for regulation of shisha under the Tobacco Act if deemed relevant.


Rooming House Regulations 

Greater Dandenong Council will write to the State Government requesting a review of various legislations applying to the development and management of rooming houses and similar accommodation types, with a view to determining opportunities for improvement.

Read Council Minutes, Notice of Motion, 11 December 2017

Rubbish dumping 

Seeking a statewide approach to tackling this issue through a media advertising campaign; establishment of local transfer stations; and introducing harsher penalties to deter rubbish dumping.  

Read Council Minutes, 23 May 2016

Read Littering and Illegal Rubbish Dumping


Social Cohesion and Radicalisation

 Violent extremism, youth radicalization and racism jeopardise community harmony and social cohesion and we are seeking an increase in police levels, funding for infrastructure and prevention programs.

Download Key Advocacy Issues 2017

Soft Plastics Pollution 

Council has committed to develop a policy and guidelines on the use of single-use plastic bags, straws, balloons and other soft plastic packaging with the aim of reducing soft plastics pollution; and will support the State Government to ban use of such plastics.

Read Council Minutes, 11 December 2017

Springvale North-East Quadrant 

Council are advocating to the State Government seeking funding to address current and expected future traffic issues in the Springvale Railway Station north-east quadrant. 

Read Council Minutes, 8 July 2019

Read Council's letter to the Department of Transport, Vince Punaro, dated 15 June 2020

Read Council's letter to Hon Daniel Andrews, Premier, dated 15 June 2020

Download Council's Discussion Paper regarding these issues, dated May 2020

Support for the Racial Discrimination Act 

The Greater Dandenong Mayor has written to all local Federal MPs and the Parliamentary enquiry to advise them of Council’s position with regard to acknowledgement of the importance of protections afforded by the Australian Racial Discrimination Act.

Read Council Minutes 23 January 2017

Stud Road Pedestrian Crossing


At the 23 July 2018 meeting, Councillors resolved to advocate for a safe pedestrian crossing across Stud Road near the Dandenong Stadium by writing to the relevant Minister and local members of Parliament.


Read Council Minutes 23 July 2018

 Team 11

The Cities of Greater Dandenong, Casey and the Shire of Cardinia have taken a lead in harnessing the interest in the south east of Melbourne for an A-League / W-League football (soccer) team.

Download Key Advocacy Issues 2017

 Welcoming Cities Network

Furthering our commitment to inclusion and diversity, the City of Greater Dandenong signed on as a member of Welcoming Cities on Thursday 13 September 2018.

Welcoming Cities is a network of local government areas committed to welcoming and inclusion. It has more than 135 municipalities worldwide, 20 councils nationally and 12 Victorian councils participating.

Learn more about the Welcoming Cities Network



Federal and State Election Advocacy Documents

Download Federal Election Advocacy Issues 2019 (PDF - 4MB)

Download State Government Advocacy Issues 2018 (PDF - 4MB)

Download Federal Election Advocacy Issues 2016 (PDF - 5.04MB)

Download State Election Advocacy Issues 2014 (PDF - 3.19MB)