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Gender Equity Statistics

This section presents social statistics about levels of employment, income, educational attainment, involvement in caring responsibilities, crime victimization, perceptions of safety, health, cultural diversity and other matters, among women and men.

Information featured is presented for each Victorian municipality, but also includes a national data about gender equality.


Victorian Municipalities

Summary measures


Attitudes to equality in relationships


Birthplaces by age and gender

Community and family 

Disability and Carers

Disability by gender and age
Caring by gender and age



Early school leaving by age and sex 
Youth disengagement by gender - young people not in work or education  
Youth disengagement by gender and age - by birthplace 
Youth disengagement by gender, age, education and children born
University Degree holders by gender and age 
Tertiary qualifications by gender and age
Qualifications by gender and age

Employment and incomes

English fluency and literacy