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Arts in Greater Dandenong

Arts in Greater Dandenong

Gold Bling by Martin George

The latest instalment ‘Gold Bling’ by artist Martin George comprises a long chain being draped along low, grey landscaping walls on Halpin Way, shining brilliantly in a deep ruddy yellow burnished gold. The work invokes ostentatious jewellery on an industrial scale.

Each link of the chain is 50cm long, 30cm wide and each link weighing more than 80 kilos. Gold Bling has the physical presence to actively engage the large open space of Halpin Way. The chain starts at the foot of a park bench before crawling over a low wall, through a small garden and to the foot of a nearby lamp post.

"It is interacting with its environment, but apart from it. The opulent and indulgent fat gold links shine in contrast against the sleek, modern yet utilitarian streetscape.” explains artist Martin George.

Just as the chain approaches the lamp post the repetition of links are broken with the final length snapped.  The gold chain represents new money, the new Dandenong.  But in another way, chains bind things together and so old and new Dandenong are bound together, their fates shared. Chains also bear tension. The tension is acknowledged, but the chain, like the community and the town, will bear the tension and remain together.

Artist Martin George says, “I don’t believe that Dandenong deserves the reputation that it once had, bad reputations are hard to break, like 1000 ton shipping chain, serious effort is needed to reinvent personas and folklore, which is what is happening in the new Greater Dandenong.”

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