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Tell us your Budget Priorities for 2020-21

What do you think are the most important priorities for Greater Dandenong?
What would you like to see Council spend next year's budget on?

Council would like to hear what is important to you and what you would like to see included in the 2020-21 Budget.

Greater Dandenong Council spends approximately $160m each year and is responsible for delivering a range of services to its local community. These services include:

• Children and families - childcare, maternal and child health, immunisation
• Health and wellbeing - disability services, home and community care, food safety
• Your home - rubbish and recycling, planning and building permits, pet registrations
• Sport and leisure - sportsgrounds, leisure centres, parks and gardens, festivals and events
• Roads and safety - roads and footpaths, car parks, street lighting
• Community - libraries, theatre and the arts, community centres


Have your say

To share your ideas please choose any of the below options:

  • Complete the online form below

 Have your say

  • Email
  • Complete a form at the Dandenong Civic Centre, Springvale Library or Parkmore Customer Service Centre

The budget consultation will close on Thursday 31 October.

Some helpful information

What will happen with the ideas?

All ideas will be presented to Councillors for their consideration as part of the upcoming budget process for 2020-21. This process commences in November and will continue until June 2020.