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Pultney Triangle Upgrade

The Pultney Street Triangle is an important public space that adjoins Dandenong’s high profile Lonsdale Street Boulevard and the connecting access road. The specific area is located between the Cheesecake Shop and Bank of Melbourne and features the illuminated artwork Reverie.

This area is set for improvement and will offer a quality public space consistent with open spaces in the Dandenong activity centre, enhance the pedestrian experience and fully integrate with Lonsdale Street.

The project is being delivered by Evergreen Civil and will be completed by 30 June 2016. 


Construction upgrade (April 2016)

The first phase of the upgrade has substantially been completed with the demolition of the old footpath. The current work is focused on the installation of underground services including storm water and electricity. 

Features of the design

  • Retaining the two semi-mature trees and introducing a small integrated timber deck to protect tree roots 
  • A raised grass area to improve the greening of the space
  • An expansive tapered wall that allows for continuous seating along the raised grass edge
  • Consistent granite paving to match the quality and finish of Lonsdale Street
  • Additional street lighting for safety and amenity  

Artists Impression

Pultney renovations artists impression

‘Reverie’ artwork to remain

The artwork Reverie will remain a feature of the space and sit much more comfortably within an improved space.  Reverie was created by the artist Paul Johnson and incorporates a laser light component that is visible after dark and attracting to children and families.  Reverie is part of Councils permanent public art collection and has been a part of Lonsdale Street since 2005.


How will businesses be affected during construction?

Entrances to every shop front will be maintained during core trading hours to ensure customers and delivery staff can access businesses.

There will naturally be disruptions during construction as pavement areas are demolished and built. These will be managed daily through clear communication and efficient on site management of construction staff.

Council will:

  • Notify traders of construction staging when the most likely disruptions are to occur
  • Be good communicators and contact traders with regular updates and changes to the construction schedule
  • Continue to market and promote central Dandenong a s a destination

Trades should:

  • Remain positive about the work when talking tot their customers, staff and suppliers, as we want custom of Dandenong to grow and expand
  • Remain focused on the longer term outcome and benefit of an improved public space
  • Be good communicators and contact Council with day to day concerns during the construction phase
  • Understand the consequences of complaints and negative remarks to customers and other during construction which can cerate the impression the precinct is a 'no go zone'. This is hard to reverse when works are complete.

Parking during works

Whilst construction workers are active in the area there will be some minor interruption to how people are accustomed to accessing the street and the footpath spaces.

The Lonsdale Street service lane and majority of Pultney Street will function normally offering options for customer parking and loading. In addition the car park off Patchell Lane has spare capacity and offers safe and accessible parking options for the precinct.

Businesses are encouraged to reinforce these options to their customers, staff, patients, suppliers and help direct people to where there is adequate parking available in the precinct, nearby.


For more information contact Council.


Artist impression of the Pultney Triangle