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Planning and Design

Planning and Design

Industrial and Commercial Change and Demand (ICCD) Study 2016

The City of Greater Dandenong prepared the Industrial and Commercial Change and Demand (ICCD) Study 2016 for the purposes of reviewing and updating the existing reference document Industrial Change and Demand Study 2007 due to changing planning policy context and socio-economic conditions. This revised study involved an assessment of Greater Dandenong’s existing Industrial and Commercial 2 zoned areas in response to local economic conditions.

The 2016 review has identified sixteen (16) industrial and commercial precincts located throughout the municipality and gave consideration to any significant economic, social and planning policy changes which have occurred since the completion of the previous study in 2007. A demand and supply analysis assessment of these precincts considered the latest industry trends, as well as the global and Australian economic environment, which promote investment and appropriate redevelopment in new and existing industrial and commercial areas of the city to meet Council’s wider social, environmental and economic objectives.

Click here to download the ICCD Study 2016 Report (PDF - 9.84MB) 

Industrial land supply in the Dandenong South National Employment Cluster (NEC)

Further to the completion of the ICCD Study 2016, Council undertook additional investigations into the existing and future supply of industrial land within the Dandenong South National Employment Cluster (NEC).

Study Area Map - Dandenong South National Employment Cluster (NEC) (PDF - 316KB)

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