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Parking, Roads and Transport

Parking, Roads and Transport

Road Safety Strategy

Injuries and deaths caused by road crashes result in devastating social, emotional, physical and financial consequences for our community. 

Greater Dandenong Council believes it can influence the behaviour of road users by working in partnership with key road safety bodies and other community partners.

The Road Safety Strategy 2016-22 provides guidance to Council in delivering road safety activities over the coming years that meet the needs of our diverse community.

Download Greater Dandenong Road Safety Strategy 2016-22 (PDF - 5.14MB)

Development and consultation

The Greater Dandenong Road Safety Strategy has been developed to be read alongside the Greater Dandenong Community Safety Plan 2015-22.  

Throughout the development of both the Community Safety Plan and Road Safety Strategy,  Council consulted with the community and key stakeholders through surveys, focus groups and workshops.

Council also invited stakeholders and interested residents to provide feedback on the draft Road Safety Strategy prior to its adoption by Council in July 2016. 

All of these comments and feedback were used to develop the priorities and actions that form the Greater Dandenong Road Safety Strategy.