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Springvale Laneway Revitalisation Concept Design

ASPECT Studios were engaged to carry out consultation with the local community and key stakeholders prior to developing concept designs for the laneway and its canopy. Over 150 people were involved in the consultation and more than 100 survey responses were received.

Key theme highlighted by the community to guide the laneway's revitalisation included:

  • Optimism
  • Playfulness
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Vitality, prosperity and good luck
  • Reflecting Springvale's multicultural character


The Canopy

The canopy will be seen from a distance, making a buoyant and playful statement to anyone walking by or along the laneway. It will also be lighted at night, becoming a 24 hour attraction.

The design includes elements that are synonymous with Springvale in colour and form.



The Furniture and Greenery

  •  0.5m width seating and planting opportunity adjacent to north wall: restaurant and laundromat.
  • Intermittent seats along length of wall.
  • Garden beds with climbing plants between seating. Vertical trellis located against building line.
  • Tables and chairs in widened space adjacent to laundromat - provides opportunity for play and interaction.
  • Realigned garage doors to minimize blind spot and improve sight lines.



The Graphics and Ground Plane

  • Resurfaced laneway - asphalt
  • Upgraded drainage - use Ductile iron Heel Guard grates
  • Integrated ground, walls and furniture
  • Playful way finding elements applied to ground and walls and integrated with furniture
  • Content of way finding to be community driven
  • Surface line marking to identify vehicle egress and nominate pedestrian priority zones