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Homecycle One-off Kerbside Collection

Tuesday 18 February -  Saturday 29 February 2020

Give your unwanted goods a second chance with this FREE one-off kerbside collection.

Homecycle gives residents the chance to take part in a free one-off collection of items that can be recycled, but are not normally included in regular kerbside recycling.

This is an easy and cost-effective way to reduce landfill and give items a new life. It is a win for you and for the environment.


Clothing, shoes, handbags,
fashion accessories,
manchester/linen, jewellery
Household items
Toys, games, puzzles,
cookware, cutlery, craft
goods, DVDs, CDs, records
Sporting equipment
Bats, balls
Small electrical items
Mobile phones, chargers,
cables, anything with a cord and battery
Printer cartridges
Full or empty


Between 18 and 29 February, residents can fill their recycling bin with useful things for recycling. Do this as soon as the recycling bin has been emptied and leave the bin out.

A second bin collection will then take place the day after their recycling collection and all items will
be recycled or repurposed. Only bins with homecycle items will be collectioned so do not refill your bin with regular recyclables.

1. Group your items into the categories listed above
2. Place each category into a separate plastic bag
3. Place the bags into your yellow-lid recycling bin after your recycling bin has been emptied
4. Place your bin on the nature strip for collection by midnight the night before

When will my collection be?

Normal recycling
collection day

Put your bin out with Homecycle items by:

By midnight Monday

By midnight Tuesday

By midnight Wednesday

By midnight Thursday

By midnight Friday

Your Homecycle collection will happen on:






If your collection is missed

Make sure you put you bins out by midnight the night before your Homecycle collection.

If your Homecycle collection was on a weekday, contact Council and they will arrange for the collection company to collect the goods either later that same day or on the morning on the next day.

If your Homecycle collection day was on a Saturday, please call the SCR Group on 1300 687 261 and leave your name, address and contact number. Collection will then be arranged for the following Monday. Leave their bags of goods next to your letterbox (so you can keep using your reycling bin).

Frequently asked questions

How many bags can I include?

You can fill your bin ensuring that the lid will close.

How much does this cost?

Nothing, this is a FREE one-off collection for Greater Dandenong residents.

Where do the goods go?

Good quality, reusable items will be donated to charities for low income families. Other items will be recycled to create new products.

Why do we put items in a plastic bag?

We ask you to bag items to keep them clean for reuse. Once the good are removed the plastic bags will be recycled. It also makes sorting easier. 


Would you like an SMS or email reminder?

Residents can click on this link to receive a scheduled reminder which will be sent to you closer to the date.