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Keep your city clean it's in your hands. To report littering call 8571 1000

Keep your city clean it's in your hands. To report littering call 8571 1000


There is a common misconception that small amounts of litter don’t have a big effect the environment. This is false. 

Around 95% of cigarette butts are made using plastic that can take over 12 years to break down. As cigarette butt litter breaks down, toxic chemicals leach into our soil and waterways, polluting our environment and harming our wildlife.

Did you know that most public litter bins are fitted with ashtrays on the top?

If you are a smoker, all you need to do is ‘Butt It, then Bin It’.

Cigarette butts left on the ground or in garden beds can be mistaken as food by birds and other animals, which can result in serious digestive problems leading to death.

Dropping or leaving cigarette butts on the ground or in garden beds is also against the law and can attract fines over $6000.

One of Greater Dandenong’s residents, Ms NoButts (#msnobutts ), believes there are No Butts About It! - Greater Dandenong is not an ashtray.

Both Council and Ms NoButts urge smokers to do the right thing and find a bin when you finish your cigarette.

Council have made this more convenient by offering free personal butt bins at selected customer service locations.

Ms NoButts catches people in the act

Ms NoButts has zero tolerance for cigarette butt litter. 

In these videos, Ms NoButts catches some local people* in the act! Beware, Ms NoButts has also been spotted visiting other Councils to spread her message, ‘No butts about it, nature is not your ashtray’.

*The people in the videos are actors, but still be warned, Ms NoButts is often out on the prowl and will call you if you do the wrong thing!

If you see someone drop a cigarette butt

If you see someone litter a cigarette butt before getting into a vehicle or from a vehicle, you can complete this confidential litter form (Word - 280KB) and return it to Council for immediate follow up. 

For more information on the reporting and investigation process, see our litter and illegal rubbish dumping page