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Syd and Monkey

Syd and Monkey

Syd & Monkey

At the City of Greater Dandenong, we have a vision. We want to be one of the most sustainable cities in Australia by 2030. To achieve this, we need your help. You may not be sure how you can make a difference, but that's where Syd and Monkey come in!

We all know people like Syd and Monkey. Syd recognises that we all have a responsibility to protect the environment and wants to make a difference. Monkey... well, he's not quite there yet.

They'll sort the facts from fiction and with your help, a sustainable future can be closer than you think.

New videos will be added to this channel on a semi-regular basis. Subscribe and we'll let you know when Syd and Monkey have a new video.

Syd & Monkey Episode 1 - The Sustainable Garden Consipracy

Syd shows of his new garden to Monkey and tells him about all the great benefits of sustainable living. Monkey is skeptical and thinks something more sinister is at play.

To learn more about what the City of Greater Dandenong is doing to be one of the most sustainable cities by 2030, head to

You can also set your own targets and create your own action plan.