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Short Cuts City of Greater Dandenong Film Festival

Short Cuts City of Greater Dandenong Film Festival

Short Cuts Film and Winners 2017

The successful films and winners from 2017 are listed below:

Winner,  Mayoral Prize
David Hansen - Slingshot

Runner-Up, Mayoral Prize
Xin Li - The Autumn

Winner, People’s Choice Prize
Michael Raso - Solitude

Winner, Emerging Category
Jem Rankin - Cherokee

Winner, Student/community Category
Tilly Hobkirk - For Isabelle

Winner, Open Film-maker Category
Paul Howell - Husk


2017 Films

The 2017 Short Cuts Film Festival was sponsored by Videocraft Australia, John Barry Sales and Monster and Bear. 

All I Want
7:24 min, Open

The relentless pursuit of 7 year old Ratan to buy one mango from the streets of Mumbai...

Director: Venika Mitra 



All Indians are my Brothers and Sisters
2:57 mins, Open

Based on a real life experience All Indians Are My Brothers and Sisters narrates a poignant story of a young girl who urges every person to introspect - Am I my brother’s keeper?

Director: Jiji Kalavanal SDB


Bless You
1:30 mins, Open

An architect in the skies grows bored of his creation and decides to spice things up. This film combines 2D animation, tilt shift photography and gratuitous explosions.

Director: Philip Watts 



10:44 mins , Emerging

Fascinated by Native Americans, a young girl inadvertently takes on her mother's anger, which lands them in a sticky situation.

Director: Jem Rankin
Producer: Frances Wang-Ward 

Clever Girl

3:35 mins, Emerging

A troubled girl gets into an undesired conversation with a blabbering older woman.

Director: Alexios Koukias-Pantelis
Producer: Laura McBride  

For Isabelle

6:39 mins, Community/Student

Isabelle has waved to the man upstairs every day since she was little. She collects the little wooden animals he makes for her, even after he dies.

Director: Tilly Hobkirk
Producer: Tilly Hobkirk 


Girl A

6:39 mins, Community/Student

She's not living, just killing time.

Director: Jess O'Brien
Producers: Keith Allott 


4:13 min, Emerging

Delve deep into the world of Hound, where you’ll witness the evolution of our canine companions from ravenous wolves and trusty guard dogs, to crippled corgis, mutated Maltese Shih Tzu’s and gigantic pulsating Pugs.

Director: Georgia Kriss 


3:55 min, Open

A beautiful yet mysterious tree spirit inhabits the damaged streets of Melbourne, Australia. A shocking encounter with some feral fairies takes the story on a surprising, haunting twist.

Director: Paul Howell
Producer: Paul Howell

I look at Diamonds for a Living
4:43 mins, Emerging

In the busy city streets a telescope-busker strives to enlighten the deteriorating weekend revellers to the wonders of the universe.

Director: Jessica Hutchison 


3:02 mins, Emerging

A collection of short scenes, acted, and conceived by members of 'Fusion Theatre' a group of disabled performers based in Dandenong.

Director: Dillan Stock 


My Favourite Bitch
4:59 mins, Emerging

When a man’s best friend is his dog, that dog has a problem.

Director: Thomas O'Hehir



8:45 mins, Emerging

A young father struggles to deal with the loss of access to his baby boy.

Director: Ismail Khan
Producer: Craig Ashley Russell 


7 mins, Open

Slingshot is an analogy on modern love through the eyes of one of its latest victims.

Director: David Hansen
Producers: Margo Lowry / James Meldrum Wright / Michael Ciccone


6:43 mins, Open

Margaret spends each day visiting her local train station, which has become a very significant place in her life. Why is she there? A sweet story of love and cherished memories impactful in its unassuming-ness.

Director: Michael Raso  
Producer: Jon Cohen


3:23 mins, Emerging

Two friends: the Duck and the Hare escape from a dusty storage years after their taxidermy.

Director: Magdalena Załęcka 


The Autumn
3:02 mins, Open

An autumn leaf dances in the air. He is looking for the right place to settle but the wind keeps carrying him away...

Director: Xin Li 


The End of the Earth
7:16 mins, Open

The short pilgrimage of a first assistant director as she journeys between a reluctant actor and an impatient crew nearing the end of the day, standing at the end of the earth.

Director: Adrian Holmes
Producer: Donna Hensler

The Orion Chronicles
8:03 mins, Community/Student

In 1984, three boys read a space adventure novel in a tent. Then things start to get weird.

Director: Nyssa Mitchell 


Wibble Wobble
6:50 mins, Emerging

When a man is tasked with clearing out his deceased grandmother’s house, a large jelly gets in the way of someone buying her old fridge.

Director: Daphne Do
Producers: Alex Chilton and Edward Chalmers


Worry me in the Daytime 
3:02 mins, Emerging

Iconic Melbourne bluesman Chris Russell examines life, death, success and regret in an intimate portrait of the cathartic power of music.

Director: Sebastian Broadbent