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Cycling Strategy

The Greater Dandenong Cycling Strategy 2017-24 was endorsed by Council on 8 May 2017. It aims to raise the profile of and participation in cycling as a desirable and effective means of both recreation and transport.

As a form of transport, cycling is a low-cost, environmentally sustainable choice that eases traffic congestion and relieves parking pressures. As a way of getting fit cycling is low-impact, suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels, and is an enjoyable social activity in which the whole family can get involved.

As a way of making cycling easier, safer and more accessible Council has already installed more bike parking, upgraded street lighting, and in some cases redesigned community spaces to encourage people to walk and cycle more in their neighbourhoods.

Cycling Strategy 2017-24 cover


Greater Dandenong is a safe, lively, attractive city that has a culture of cycling for recreation, health and transport purposes.


Greater Dandenong aims to increase the number of people cycling by providing and promoting opportunities to cycle for recreation, health and transport. To achieve Greater Dandenong’s vision and aim to improve cycling the following themes have been developed in line with the Council Plan 2013-17.

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Download Greater Dandenong Cycling Strategy 2017-24 Summary

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Greater Dandenong Cycling Strategy - Year 1 Update                

Since the launch of the Cycling Strategy in October 2017 there has been positive progress on activities within the City of Greater Dandenong. As part of this seven year strategy Council officers have been developing various methods of implementing the report’s Action Plan.

The structure of the Action Plan was broken down into three themes with specific objectives and actions in each. It was then further broken down with area of responsibility, indicators and timeframes based on the following:

  • Immediate actions: Year 1

  • Short-term actions: within Years 1 and 2

  • Medium-term actions: within Years 3 to 5

  • Long-term actions: from Year 6

  • Ongoing: is an ongoing activity

To date the Sport and Recreation team has been working with the Transport Department, Media and Communications, Children’s Services, Youth Services, Festival and Events and Infrastructure Services on ideas and initiatives to assist in completing the Action Plan.

As the strategy is in its infancy stages the opening 12 months has focused heavily on future planning and implementation of the short term actions. Council officers have already increased awareness through online maps, liaised with Bicycle Network Victoria to work with our community, currently preparing a promotion for the City Magazine, video content for the Big Screen, and advocating for grants to improve infrastructure.

October 2018 – October 2019:

  • The Shared User Path and Bicycle Network has expanded by 4.5 km in 2018-19 to a total of 191.9 km.

  • Conducted a regional cycling forum in May 2019 to better understand the priorities of neighbouring Councils in relation to the future needs of cycling as a sport.

  • Established a working group with Cycling Victoria and neighbouring municipalities to assess the needs of cycling as a sport, with regards to development and promotion in this region of Melbourne.

  • Created new layer of maps on Councils website ‘Locate’ system which is now available for residents to access. This provides information on cycling routes and networks which visitors to the municipality can also utilise.

  • Continue to update the new Greater Dandenong Council Sport and Recreation website with information for residents.

  • Gathered data as part of the Sport and Recreation survey 2019 to measure the rates of cycling within the municipality. This captured data in both forms of cycling (informal and formal) and will help to inform the next Greater Dandenong Sport and Recreation Strategy-Make Your Move 2020-2030.

  • Held a FREE breakfast to celebrate ‘Ride to Work Day’ on 16 October 2019.

  • Noble Park Dandenong Cycling Club (NPDCC) has been re-established as a club within the municipality. Council officers will continue to work with NPDCC  and State Sporting Associations to create opportunities for this club and other social groups within the region.

Council officers will continue to provide an annual update on this strategy.

October 2017 – October 2018:

  • 482.87 metres of new cycling paths have been created.

  • Liaised with Cycling Victoria and Bicycle Network Victoria about future events/promotions in year 2 of the strategy.

  • Created new layer of maps on Councils website ‘Locate’ system that will go live in early 2019 for residents to access. This will show all cycling paths around the City of Greater Dandenong.

  • Liaised and currently working with the Media and Communications team on the new Sport and Recreation website which will include individual sports featured in CGD and provide more information for residents.

  • Liaised and currently working with the Media and Communications team to run a promotion in the City Magazine and recorded footage of cyclists using paths around the municipality through our promotional TV screens.

The strategy also states that at mid-point and at the conclusion of the strategy’s life cycle, Council will measure rates of cycling within the municipality through the Sports and Active Recreation Participation Survey. Strategic directions for a future strategy will be considered at this time. This survey is due to take place in 2019, and will further inform interest and rates of cycling in Greater Dandenong.

With no active cycling groups, either sporting or social, within the municipality, Council officers will work with State Sporting Associations to create opportunities for social groups which may potentially evolve into a sporting club.