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Sustainability and the Environment

Sustainability and the Environment

Lily Litter

Lily Litter was developed by Greater Dandenong using funding received from the State Government under the Roadside Litter Grant Program. Council received funding in 2012 and Lily was born. Her name was chosen by the community and Lily was officially launched in 2013 at the Dandenong Show.

Lily Litter is a lovely ladybird (Coccinellidae). Ladybirds can be found in most Countries throughout the world. Although we don’t always see them, Lady bugs can be anywhere and sometimes will surprise you by landing on your hand.

Lily aims to raise awareness of protecting and enhancing the natural environment for the whole community by preventing litter where it starts. She invites you and your family to help protect our waterways and bushlands by preventing waterway litter and pollution.

Lily is very popular with children and adults alike and attends many of Council's environmental events.

Download a Lily Litter Colouring In Sheet (PDF 4.1MB) and Healthy Waterway Heroes - Lily Litter Book (PDF - 5.3MB)

If you would like to know more about Lily Litter and our education program contact Council.