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Grant Resources

Useful Documents and Resources

The following information can help groups to plan for requirements related to their grants application, search their own incorporation or business registrations and support governance processes with groups.


Community Response Grants Program

  • Membership – Incorporated Associations  - This webpage on the Consumer Affairs Victoria website outlines register of members and use of this information. The Community Response Grants Program requests membership lists to verify number of participants in grants applications. The information will not be used for any other purpose.


Community Support Grants Program

The below links provide acceptable guides and examples that can be used to support your grants application.

  • Grants Application Writing Toolkit - The Grants Application Writing Tool Kit is intended to provide advice and information for those wanting to complete the Community Support Grant Application.
  • Annual General Meeting Minutes - This webpage provides information and examples on how to conduct Annual General Meetings and record minutes.
  • Financial Statements - This webpage provides details and good examples of financial statements.
  • Incorporation Certificate - If you are not incorporated, you will not have an incorporation certificate. To be eligible for most grants you will need to either become incorporated or seek an auspice group to oversee your project delivery.

To find out more information on how to become incorporated and what this means, please click here.





Consumer Affairs


Registration Search


Project Planning Tools

These project planning tools are not required for applications but can strengthen your submission, particularly if you are requesting large amounts of funding or have high risk activities involved in your project. If you would also like to start using development tools to improve the capacity of your organisation it is worth having a look at these following links:


 Project Planning Templates

The following project planning templates have been developed by Community Funding to aid community groups with project planning:


Help Centre Resources

Our Community Organisation Website Resources




Crowd Source Funding Platforms

Below are some online websites that support organisations to promote projects and funding raising initiatives.


Links to Non-Council Grants Funding

In addition to the City of Greater Dandenong's Community Grants Programs, a number of organisations and government departments offer grants funding. The list below outlines some grant providers to help you get started. Keep in mind that different government bodies and levels of government have different responsibilities and will fund eligible groups to deliver projects that address criteria.

Arts Victoria
Arts Victoria delivers a range of programs designed to assist the development and presentation of cultural projects, programs and services that will benefit the Victorian arts industry and broader community.

Australia Council for the Arts 
The Australia Council for the Arts offers funding for a range of arts-related projects including music, performance, festivals, and community cultural development.

Grants Victorian Government
Provides a list of grants and funding available from all Victorian State Government departments and agencies.

Grants Link
Provides an extensive listing of Commonwealth Government grants and funding programs.

Office of Multiculturalism and Citizenship / Victorian Multicultural Commission (OMAC/VMC)
OMAC / VMC runs a Community Grants Program to provide support to Victoria's culturally and linguistically diverse communities, especially new and emerging communities, to develop and sustain local community organisations and programs.

Our Community
Our Community is a world-leading social enterprise that provides advice and tools for Australia's 600,000 not-for-profit community groups and state, private and independent schools, as well as practical linkages between the community sector and the general public, business and government. Their website contains an extensive database of grants opportunities, although full information on grants programs is only available to subscribers of their Easygrants newsletter.

Philanthropy Australia
Philanthropy Australia offers a range of services to support those seeking grants from philanthropic sources.

Funds a variety of projects, including those based on community building, the environment, health, sports and arts.

Vicsport has produced an online guide to assist sports clubs and associations by raising their awareness of the many funding and grants programs available throughout the Victorian Community.



Past Grants Recipients

Funding details for our Community Grants Programs are published in our Annual Report. Our current and past Annual Reports can be found on our Annual Report Webpage.