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Municipal Parking Strategy

The Greater Dandenong Municipal Parking Strategy 2017-27 was endorsed by Council on 11 September 2017.

The strategy aims to ensure the management of parking gives appropriate consideration to the needs of the entire community.

Many people require parking to get to work, access shops and services, or even to go home, however parking is a finite resource, which is limited by available space and the high cost of constructing new parking. This means parking spaces need to be shared between competing demands.

By effectively managing parking to accommodate the appropriate stakeholders, parking can be provided in an effective way which meets the needs of the community.

Greater Dandenong Municipal Parking Strategy 2017-27

This strategy identifies the parking objectives in key community areas such as: activity centres, residential areas, local shopping strips, places of assembly, schools, industrial areas, health & tertiary education areas and railway stations. Parking will be managed to address the needs of the key stakeholders identified for each area.

Download the Municipal Parking Strategy 2017-27

Please contact Council on 8571 1000 if you require this document in an alternative format.

Dandenong Activity Centre Parking Precinct

One of the actions within the Municipal Parking Strategy was the development of Activity Centre specific reports, providing useful data to businesses and other users of our activity centres.

Residents can download the following documents:

Dandenong Activity Centre Parking Precinct Report includes parking data and information that can help you make better decisions around car parking in Dandenong.
Dandenong Activity Centre Parking Precinct Action Plan highlights what Council is doing to improve parking within the Dandenong Activity Centre.