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Adornment Mural

Adornment was conceived by artist couple Rowena Martinich and Geoffrey Carran. This 17 x 4 metre mural brings textile themed Indian colour and vibrancy into a high visibility location in the Mason Street carpark at the northern gateway to the Indian Cultural Precinct.

About artist Rowena Martinich

Rowena Martinich is a Melbourne based artist acclaimed for her vibrant abstract impressionist paintings and large scale murals in Australia and internationally. Rowena works with major companies and has an extensive history of curating exhibitions, including for the National Gallery of Victoria.

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About artist Geoffrey Carran

Geoffrey Carran is a contemporary artist based on Victoria’s surf coast. Geoffrey is widely recognised for his unique paintings of Australian birds and plants. With a Master of Fine Art from Melbourne University, he also teaches art at university level and conducts community based art workshops and classes. 

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As husband and wife, Rowena Martinich and Geoffrey Carran collaborate on commissions and have a design label Martinich&Carran, which produces limited edition prints and products featuring their respective artistic styles. Visit website for more information