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Between Two Worlds Mural

Between Two Worlds offers an insight into the life of Aishwarya Pokkuluri, and how her worlds blends, that of her Indian upbringing and her Australian lifestyle. The work represents India’s next generation in Australia, complementing the more traditional and historically focused street artworks in the Indian Cultural Precinct program.

Raised in Springvale, artist Mike Eleven has established himself as a leading proponent of cutting-edge street art, is named  one of the 40 most iconic artists in the Melbourne Street Art Guide, was a featured artist in The Art of Banksy Exhibition at Federation Square and is co-founder of the world's first 100% recycled artist ink, Lousy Ink. 

On an Instagram post of the mural in progress, Mike said, “I find myself telling people the place that 2nd-generation Asian-Australians sit within society is neither as an exotic totem of the past, nor fully assimilated enough for colour not to be part of the conversation. This mural will reflect how Aishwarya floats between these two worlds - acting as a bridge between tradition and progress.”

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