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Decorative Power Poles on Foster Street

Seven power poles located within the Indian Cultural Precinct on Foster Street have been decorated and add a delightful layer of colour and culture to the street.

Four artists, Sohail Yamin, Yoge Biju, Rashmi Gore and Natasha Narain, have brought Indian themed and culturally inspired street art to Little India. This project was proudly supported by United Energy Australia.

Read more information on the individual artists:

Sohail Yamin

  • Celebrates cultural and community celebration through peace and love, festivals and a sense of place and belonging. He has completed three poles featuring brightly coloured motifs, symbols and slogans characteristic of contemporary truck art. Also depicted is the Basant festival where kites fly to celebrate spring. Another pole illustrates the tradition of drum beating and welcomes people into precinct in various regional and international languages. Read more information about Sohail Yamin's Basant and Welcome art.

Yoge Biju

  • Has produced two poles the first 'Thoonu' (pillar) is located opposite the Dandenong Station at Museum India’s entrance depicts classical Indian dance and brings life, love, vibrancy and attraction to Precinct. Further along Foster Street another pole by Yoge celebrates the rich and ancient tradition of puppetry that has flourished in India for thousands of years. Her work shares the traditional marionettes of Rajasthan known as Kathputli. 

Rashmi Gore

  • Explores indigenous Warli art from Western India which dates back to Neolithic times.  The striking artwork has intricate geometric patterns depicting people, festivals, cultural traditions and natural motifs.

Natasha Narain 

  • Is interested in expressing cultural identity in figurative works that depict dolls adorned in traditional Indian fabrics and motifs worn by women. Her work pays homage to the many wonderful Indian fashion boutiques located in the precinct.