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Sustainability and the Environment

Sustainability and the Environment

Ms No Butts (#msnobutts)

There are no butts about it – Greater Dandenong is not an ashtray and our newest members of the Greater Dandenong family, Ms NoButts and Mr NoButts, feel very strongly about the cigarette butt litter they have seen around town.

Ms NoButts is part of Greater Dandenong’s integrated approach to changing the behaviour of smokers who don’t bin their cigarette butts.

This educational campaign was developed by the City of Greater Dandenong with the Litter Hotspots grant funded by MWRRG.

The program aims to raise awareness about the impact of cigarette butt litter and the littering fines that apply when smokers don’t bin their cigarette butts. Ms NoButts can be seen at Council events spreading the message.

In 2016, Council received a grant from Sustainability Victoria’s Litter Innovation Fund. This grant allowed Greater Dandenong to give Ms NoButts a makeover and meet Mr NoButts. Greater Dandenong also offered other Victorian Councils the opportunity to own a Ms NoButts and join our ‘No Butts About It’ campaign.

In 2017, Council's ‘#msnobutts – No Butts About It’ campaign was awarded Litter Prevention Project of the Year at the Keep Australia Beautiful Victoria Sustainable Cities Awards. 

The videos below have previously been played at the Reading Cinemas in Dandenong Plaza, the Dandenong Luna Drive In, the large screen in Harmony Square, and on Council’s Facebook page. In these videos, Ms NoButts catches some local people in the act!



Cigarette butt prevention poster

'No Butts About it' signs 

Council’s ‘No Butts About It’ signs can be seen in and around cigarette butt litter hotspots throughout the municipality. Council measured a reduction of up to 80% in cigarette butt litter at some locations.

To join Greater Dandenong and others, please contact Council for access to campaign information and materials.