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Future of Open Space

Council is preparing a new Open Space Strategy and recently sought community feedback on open space across our city, including sporting fields, nature reserves, gardens, playgrounds, trails and civic spaces such as Harmony Square in Dandenong.

Thank you to everyone who completed the survey.  Your feedback will help to improve the quality of all open spaces and ensure there are the right types of open space for everyone to enjoy. 


The City of Greater Dandenong’s Council Plan 2017-2021 seeks to ensure the City "is a safe and vibrant city of opportunity for all - to visit, work, live and play".

To achieve this, Council is currently reviewing the 2009 Open Space Strategy and Action Plan to make sure open space in Greater Dandenong meets the needs of existing and future residents.

As part of this review, an Analysis & Discussion Paper has been prepared to assess the amount and location of existing open space, the impact of population growth and a range of other factors.

Click here to download a Summary Paper of the key findings of the Analysis and Discussion Paper (PDF - 664KB).

Click here to download the full version of the Analysis and Discussion Paper (PDF - 10.9MB).

For more information please contact Council’s Strategic Planning team on 8571 1000.


Where is existing open space located?

Click on the map below to see where open space is currently located in Greater Dandenong.