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Arts in Greater Dandenong

Arts in Greater Dandenong

Boyd Lane by Brett Ashby

Brett Ashby’s artwork along Boyd Lane references Dandenong’s history and status as a centre of commerce and trade.

Boyd Lane is named after the Boyd family, who ran the Gippsland Hardware Company adjacent to the lane.

Brett Ashby used key words to link the lane with the past, including “Golden Mile” referring to Lonsdale Street’s past as a centre of economic activity, and the currency of the time.

The artwork’s style follows that of “The Cube” which Ashby painted in 2017 on the former substation on Halpin Way.

Boyd Lane is an important pedestrian link between Lonsdale Street and Dandenong Plaza, used by around 8,500 people per week.

By adding mural art to its facades, a stroll down Boyd Lane is now a more enjoyable experience. We also know that laneways which look interesting and cared for are also safer and stay cleaner.

Brett Ashby is best known for his digital video, photographic and skateboarding works that capture and manipulate time, energy and motion.

Born in Melbourne, Brett has a Masters in Interactive Media and Animation. He has exhibited and resided all over Europe, America, Australia, and Asia since 2006, and currently splits his time between Melbourne and London.