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Short Cuts City of Greater Dandenong Film Festival

Short Cuts City of Greater Dandenong Film Festival

Short Cuts Films and Winners 2018

In its third year, the sold out crowd enjoyed 18 films from all over the over the world and a behind the scenes look at the making of All these Creatures, which last month won the Short Film Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival. Screening of the Short Cuts Film Festival took place at the Drum Theatre on Saturday 23 June.

Short Cuts offered prizes across three categories, including Student/Community, Emerging and Open, plus a Mayoral Prize and a People’s Choice Award.

The successful films and winners from 2018 are listed below:

Mayoral Prize
Locker Room by Greta Nash

Mayoral Prize Runner-up
After All by Michael Cusack

Open Category
Lost Property Office by Daniel Agdag

Emerging Category
Sandy Mayflower’s 80 Ways by Ella Sowinska

Community/Student Category
Exist by Payam Shadniya

People’s Choice Award
Closing the Caravan by Chris Franklin


Just Go!

10:45 mins

A young man who lost both his legs in a childhood accident comes to the rescue of the girl he loves when she is victimised by villains.

Director: Pavel Gumennikov
Producer: Pavel Gumennikov

Last Man Standing

Last Man Standing
5:00 mins

Australia’s last remaining motion picture film processor contemplates the impact his impending retirement will have on the future of film in Australia.

Directors: Lucy Knox, W.A.M Bleakley
Producer: W.A.M Bleakley

Lost Property Office

Lost Property Office
9:42 mins

Edward is a meticulous and thorough custodian of a large city transit’s Lost Property Office, but he is as lost as the items he is tasked to look after.

Director: Daniel Agdag
Producer: Liz Kearney

Working Late

Working Late
4:57 mins

A suspicious wife confronts her husband when he arrives home late. Tired of his lies she throws him out of the house. Waiting for him is the boss who has been part of a conspiracy to conceal the truth.

Directors: David Gilbank
Producer: Paul Renhard

Sandy Mayflower’s 80 Ways

Sandy Mayflower’s 80 Ways
10:00 mins

Sandy is like any other middle-aged mother. She has a respectful job, a mortgage and enjoys card nights with her friends. Sandy's daughter stumbles across a secret she has been keeping however, and together the two of them embark on a journey to make Sandy's secret dream come true.

Director: Ella Sowinska
Producers: Shannon Owen, Steve Thomas

With my Own Two Hands

With my Own Two Hands
3:40 mins

The story of the life of a man through his hands and the ones around him.

Director: Michaël Barocas
Producer: Michaël Barocas

Locker Room

Locker Room
13:45 mins

A 16-year-old girl discovers her best friends, three boys from the school footy team, have been hiding a troubling secret from her.

Director: Greta Nash
Producer: Honeylyn Lisson

Baghdad Photographer

Baghdad Photographer
3:00 mins

A deeply moving story about war, told through a series of family portrait photos that show one less member in each successive family portrait taken.

Director: Mejd Hameed
Producer: Monadhil Daood

Dear Mr Darcy

Dear Mr Darcy
2:29 mins

An open letter to Mr Darcy. What every woman has been dying to say for 200 years.

Director: Robert Woods
Producer: Esther Longhurst


4:04 mins

Josh is in Venice, Mum is in Sydney. Josh doesn’t understand backpacking, Mum doesn’t understand Skype.

Director: Venetia Taylor
Producer: Venetia Taylor

After All

After All
13:21 mins

After all is said and done, all that is left are memories. A man remembers past conversations while cleaning out his childhood home.

Director: Michael Cusack
Producer: Richard Chataway ACS

Who Plays Othello

Who Plays Othello
4:32 mins

A crew of Italian boys are studying Shakespeare’s Othello to put it on stage, but when it comes time to assign the main part…

Director: David Fratini
Producer: David Fratini

Shakespeare Republic: Viola

Shakespeare Republic: Viola
4:28 mins

Meet Shakespeare Republic’s ‘Viola’, played by Nadine Garner, as she navigates the world of love and gender fluidity in Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night.

Director: Sally McLean
Producers: Sally McLean, Billy Smedley

Closing the Caravan

Closing the Caravan
12:25 mins

The Caravan Music Club in Oakleigh, Melbourne, was one of the finest music venues in Australia. This documentary reveals Peter Foley's inspiration for creating The Caravan and the behind the scenes story of why it faced closure at the peak of it's success.

Director: Chris Franklin
Producer: Chris Franklin


4:48 mins            

A portrait of the daily struggles of a woman in Iran who does what she must to support her child.

Director: Payam Shadniya
Producer: Ladan Navnadpour, Payam Shadniya


1:00 mins

In a secluded village in Romania, an elderly couple nurture a crooked beak chicken.

Director: Tudor Botezatu
Producer: Mihai Ripan

Ettore’s Stargate

Ettore’s Stargate (The Journey of Nau-Chan)
3:07 mins

The house of Ettore Guatelli is not a museum in the classical sense of the word. Follow Nau-chan as she steps inside the Stargate and embarks on a sensory journey into the mind of the museums creator. 

Director: Filippo Chiesa
Producer: Filippo Chiesa

A Beautiful Mistake

A Beautiful Mistake
2:58 mins

A group of children write an apology letter to their mother, our mother.

Director: Luca Acito
Producer: Luca Acito